BTC Grand Review: Is Scam Or Legit?

BTC Grand Review: Safe or Scam? BTC Grand is an online investment platform that trades cryptocurrencies only. According to the information on the web page, Btc Grand Enterprise helps you get an incredible high return on your investments. It supposedly offers returns ranging from 20% to 200% after just 6 days. BTCgrand claims to be located at John Eccles House, Robert Robinson Avenue, Oxford Science Park, Oxford, OX4 4GP, England.

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What You Should Know About BTC Grand Company:

BTC Grand is an ICO. They raise money from a pool of private investors for trading purposes. There are 6 plans offered by this firm, each packaged in a way to make investors spend more money for higher returns. They also run an affiliate program with the promise of 3% commission.

Why You Should Not Invest In BTC Grand Enterprise:

Below are reasons why it is risky to invest in BTC Grand:

  • The returns they promise is not only fictitious but unrealistic. No legitimate business can offer 200% after six days.These number are extremely tempting for newbie investors, but it is impossible to sustain.
  • BTC Grand is not licensed with the Financial Conduct Authority or any regulatory body, thus it is very unsafe to do  business with them as they are an illegal entity.
  • They are not transparent about how they operate. There is no single piece of information about the way, they handle funds. Their only narration is that, the investor should deposit more, in order to earn more.
  • BTC Grand does not feature any kind of credible proof to back up their profit claims. If they are so confident about their profit claims, they would have made an option for demo accounts so customers would familiarize themselves with the inside and outside of the business.


There is no need for much words, BTC Grand Enterprise is a disguised scam that has all the features of a Ponzi scheme. They have not provided explanation about any aspect of trading. BTC Grand is a deceptive scam, stay away from it!

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