Global Wealth Trading group GWT scam review

GWT Trading group is a paid binary signal provider that claims to send you signals from professional traders with a win-rate of 85% win rate. When you visit their website you may easily be trapped to join because of the way the website is beautifully designed but don’t be deceived because this a well packaged scam.

gwt trading group

Don’t believe the GWT Trading group Lies?

So we decided to check them out. The Global Wealth Trading group said they were the best trading signal provider for the years 2014/2015. How true is this? Well, we tried looking up when the website was registered and we found out that it was on the 17th March 2016. GWT trading signal dateSo you see that those claims are false.

Also on there website they said they have been featured on media outlets like Wall Street Journal, Trader Planet, Money Show, Forex Magnates, Yahoo Finance. A search on this platforms didn’t find any publication about them. These scammers just try to use the names of reputable media platforms to make it seem as though those platforms endorses them. If you just take it for face value, you would be deceived but when you go further to check those platforms you would find that there is no such publications and endorsements.

  • One of thing i check out for in a Signal provider before i sign up is if they have listed the brokers they work with, this enables me to do a check to know whether the broker is credible. But GWT Trading group never made mention of their brokers, so you can’t check up to know if it is legit. This is a red flag for me.

But there is a 14 day FreeTrial?

When you sign up instead of them giving you free signals they would ask you to deposit money with there broker with at least $250 otherwise you won’t get the signals. A true free system should offer you a free demo, where you don’t have to deposit money first until you have tried it out. Not only that the GWT Trading group would further ask you for a subscription fee of $62.59 or $375.54 for 1month and 6month respectively.


We were optimistic because this was a signal provider, but after our background check we found out that GWT Trading group signal provider is a HUGE SCAM, with the sole intent to steal you money. Don’t be deceived you would lose $250 or more they would ask you to use in funding the brokers. Please beware of this fakesignal provider. If you want to use an autotrading software that works, try out the one we are presently using with high win-rate, click on the image below to go to the page and register

binary autopilot

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