Binary Options Revenge Review: Critical Scam Investigation

Binary Options Revenge Software is a Scam! They try to make it appealing by playing on our psychology. There  is one thing which most of us have experienced in the past. That is being scammed? The Binary Options Revenge App is using that ugly side to try and grab traders attention, with the ultimate aim of ripping them off. Our review of BinaryOptionsRevenge Software reveals, gives you reasons to avoid this piece of shit.

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binary options revenge

Binary Options Revenge Scam Evidence!!

From the anonymity of the developers to falsehood peddled in the sales pitch, everything about the Binary Options Revenge software is just not right. The scammers behind this system is completely anonymous, their true identity is hidden. They stole from the internet the picture of a game developer and put it up as the man behind it. This is not the first time we have come across such scam techniques, these scammers will go to any length just to rip peopl off and steal their money.

False testimonials:In the video you would see people claiming to have made huge amounts of money through the BO Revenge, please disregard it. They are all lies and misleading. All those people you see in the video are all actors that have been paid to tell you lies, they have never used the software, they are just acting out a script to deceive you into investing your hard-earned money which these scammers would steal. Below is a picture evidence of one of them, he was hired from to record a fake video testimonial of the Binary Options Revenge.

binary revenge false testimonial

Pressure Tactics: One of the things you would notice on their website at the top right corner is the counter on spaces available. That counter is fake and has been put their to make you make hasty decision to sign up, because it gives an impression that your opportunity is limited. We find this in similar scams as well, they try to pressure you into the system, and eventually rip you off. To show that the counter is fake, when you refresh the page the number of slots goes up again, so how come initially the slots where reducing and suddenly when the page was refreshed the slots jumped up. Everything about the Binary Options Revenge App is wrong and is typical of a scam which it is. Please avoid this software if you don’t want to lose your investment.

REVIEW VERDICT: Binary Options Revenge is a dangerous SCAM

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