Bitcoin Loophole Review: 5 Reasons Why This is a Scam Software! (Revealed)

Bitcoin Loophole 2020 Review:  A scam or legit bitcoin trading software? btc-loophole.com offers smart way to earn passive income online.  Read our review to see what experts have to say about Bitcoin Loophole.

BitcoinLoophole promises to show you how to earn up to $13,000 in 24 hours Is btc-loophole.com a reliable trading bot? You may have come across many systems on the internet promising you quick fortunes, the truth is that majority of them turn out to be scams.

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In this review,  we provide you information based on our investigations  to help  you make the proper decision.


What Is BTC Loophole- Is Bitcoin Loophole Legit ?

Bitcoin Loophole is a new  Bitcoin trading and cryptocurrency investment platform. According to the information on their website, the bitcoin loophole app allows you to  invest and make a profit online, irrespective of your level of experience, background, or knowledge about the software. Sounds good, right?

Also,their trading software is allegedly a fully automated software designed to detect trading signals. It allegedly help you determine the appropriate time to buy or sell cryptocurrency. Furthermore, the owners of this platform claim that their software is an intelligent robot  designed to carry out all the technical and fundamental analysis. This it does by using an algorithm to read market data and industry trends. .


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What You Should Know About Bitcoin Loophole- How Does BTC Loophole Work?

Though this site might appear legit to you, the truth is that it is just a wishy washy software scam. Their well designed platform may seem pretty convincing to you, but it is just a bait to make you lower your guard.

From our findings, he-btc-evolution.com is not a new software. It is rather a new version of a chain scam- Bitcoin Investor, Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin evolution which have been blacklisted as scam. Finding out who the owners are is quite impossible as there are no such information on the platform. The truth however is that, Bitcoin Loophole is not a software in the real sense. It is simply a web page with a signup area.When one registers on the site, one is not signing up for an app but for a broker who would mislead one in the long run.

Are you still interested in this platform? Read on to see why you shouldn’t dive head long, as you might be the next victim of this well disguised bitcoin trade scam.

Bitcoin Loophole Account- #1 Proof Why Bitcoin Loophole is Untrustworthy Platform

Though it promises no broker fees or commissions, the minimum amount of registration which is $250 goes to a broker which is selected for you. However, these brokers are unregulated and are in partnership with the scammers to dupe you. They would make you believe you stand to gain a lot. But that’s pure lie!

Reasons Why We Believe Bitcoin Loophole Is a Scam Trading Platform

A lot of reviews online would tell you that Bitcoin Loophole is a legitimate platform but that is very far from the truth. The people behind those articles are simply affiliate marketers doing what they are good at- selling products to you. A quick search on google would show you that btc Loophole is a scam that reoccurs every year. They keep creating new websites after duping people of their hard earned money. As of early last year, they used the platform bitcoinevolutionapp.com, same format.

This time, they are deciding to keep it simple. But it only take experience eyes like us to fish out trading scams for what they are.

Bitcoin Loophole Scam Review: Disturbing Things Found

  • They are not going to offer you any trading software- Just unregulated brokers who would drive you into debt with their reckless trading.
  • They claim the ‘software’ is free of charge, but the truth is that you would need $250 or thereabout to begin trading with the broker. Reality check ‘No Software!”
  • Anonymous lots- We couldn’t find out who the owners of this website are.
  • There are no watchdogs {No Financial Body} overseeing their actions, so they can do whatever they like with your funds.
  • They are not regulated or licensed!


Review Verdict

The Bitcoin Evolution Software is a SCAM

We have blacklisted btc-loophole.com

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Bitcoin Loophole is a full fledged scam with no iota of authenticity. It is not regulated by any supervision body, and there is no such regulatory body as US Trading Association as seen in the website. What this means is that the software is not legitimized and the reviews are fake from cloned accounts with images gotten from stock photos. Bitcoin Loophole is a rehashed scam. Do not invest your money with these lairs!

Bitcoin Loophole











  • Does Not Offer Any Software
  • Uses Unregulated Brokers
  • Fake Reviews Online
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