Blazing Trader App Review: Software by Johan Strand is a Scam

If you want to lose your investment then Blazing Trader App which is a scam will do just that. We do reviews like this to warn potential traders of new scam tactics and software introduced in binary options trading. Binary Options trading is a good investment that can give you quick returns but sadly it is been infiltrated on a daily basis by scammers. Blazing Trader software is yet another one, and please don’t fall for it.

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Blazing Trader Review, Scam Exposed!

Johan Strand as he calls himself claims that this software can make you $20,000 daily with BlazingTrader binary App. If you are experienced in binary trading you would know that making this amount on a daily trade is impossible especially with the minimum deposit of $250, but newbies may fall for this because they don’t know the rubrics of trading.

As a matter of fact Johan Strand is a made up name, he presented another scam software called Lie Detector Millionaire in the past, in that presentation he introduced himself as Daniel Wilkins, you see how this scammers keeps changing names on each new scam software they release.

Pressure Tactics

When you visit there BlazingTrader Software website you will see at the top right the number of spots remaining. This is one of the red flags. Most times some of the scam softwares employ pressure tactics, presenting it in such a way that when you leave you have lost an opportunity, this they do to force you to sign up. In actual sense there is nothing like limited spots, the software can accomodate as many people that sign up in large quantity, they are just trying to pressurize you. Try visiting the page some other time you will also see the same number of limited spots. Its all SCAM.

100% risk free

Many people may fall for this especially newbies. Professionals in binary traders knows quite well that no software or human can guarantee you 100% risk free. Rather in opting for a software look for the one with a high percentage ITM.

False Testimonials

The testimonials on the page are all fake and made up, we see lots of this all the time. They string up some deceptive words and conjure up false earnings. Afterwards, they go to the internet and steal peoples image and place it on them with fictitious names and locations. All these people don’t know that there innocent faces are used by these scammers to perpetuate their scams.

blazing trader

Undisclosed Brokers

On Blazing Trader  Scam Software, they never disclosed the brokeres the sofwrae is synced with. As a matter of fact they do this so you can’t find out if the brokers are legit or not. When you sign up with their software they would connect you with their unregulated scammy broker where a deposit would be required to start trading. You are going to lose this money because this software would place losing trades. Afterward they would share your money with the broker.

Review VERDICT: Blazing Trader is a SCAM

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