BTC Profit Review: Is A Legit Trading Software?

BTC Profit Review: entered the crypto space not quite long ago. It is supposedly an automated platform that can trade cryptocurrencies for you.According to our findings, the alleged founder of BTCProfit is Steve Mckay. According to the information on their web page, BTC Profit software was created using the most advanced programming the trading world has ever seen.

BTC Profit

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How Does BTCProfit Work?:

BTC Profit claims that it can make you  $13,000 in one day. All you have to do to enjoy the trade is open an account, fund the account and then start profiting. BTC Profit is allegedly free of charge. They also have a demo account for trial.

btc profit

Should You Trust BTCProfit With Your Money?:

The answer is NO. First and foremost, BTC Profit claims it can make you $13,000 in one day. This is not only ridiculuos but also impossible. There is no way an automated app can make that huge amount for you, talk more of a free app for that matter. We believe this is just a ploy to get unsuspecting investors. Also, the features of this app looks exactly like other scam app like CryptoRobot for example. This indicates that BTC Profit is a scam app. 

Who Is Steve Mckay?:

This platform claims that its founder is Steve Mckay, however from the picture they supplied of this founder online, we discovered that Steve Mckay is just a fictitious character created and used by many scammers online.They have been using him with different scams for a long time. Also, the picture was gotten from stock photos.

How Does BTC Profit Really Works?:

BTC Profit operates as a scam. They claim that their app is free, however in order to earn, you have to deposit not less than $250 to a certain unregulated broker called XFX. This scammers work with the broker. At the end of the day they field you cock and bull story about fall in the price of trade, then they disappear with your money.

Conclusion: SCAM ALERT!

BTCprofit is a scam. We advise you to stay away from BTC Profit!

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