Butterflyladyy.com Review: BEWARE OF THIS FRAUDULENT STORE!

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Butterflyladyy Com is not a legit store selling female clothes and jewelries. This  Review exposes reasons why you shouldn’t shop from the online store.

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As a result of the rise in online scams, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this e-commerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is Butterflyladyy.com ? Is It Legit?

Butterflyladyy Com is an online  store that claims it is running a season sales so they are selling their wares for discount prices . However, the price of the wares seem too good to be true.

Are you planning to shop  from Butterflyladyy.com ?

We advise you to take a breather, and go through this review. There have been a rise in the number of online scams scams ranging from online stores, investments and what have you.

So, don’t be in a hurry to buy from any online store without checking for reviews (Not just one, as you might be misinformed)

Butterflyladyy Reviews- Disturbing Things Found!

During our in-depth investigation, we discovered the following red-flags of this Online Store.

Fake Advertising

On their Facebook Ads they claim they are selling their wares for discounted price because of their ongoing promo. However, it is  false. It is just an excuse for bait-and-switch suggesting the items are low price. When in truth, they don’t have the particular item they are promoting. All the images in their advertising have been stolen online, not their own product.

Customer Complaints

Everyone who shopped from  Butterflyladyy.com didn’t receive the exact item they ordered. What they got was of inferior quality, and not worth half the price of what they paid. The customer reviews are online, and can be seen here on Scam.live

A customer has this to say about Butterflyladyy.com

Material that shirts were made of did not match the description. Sizing runs extremely small (I normally wear a medium, XL was too small). Even though their website offers a hassle-free refund, they would not do a return. BE VERY CAREFUL if you buy from this company.-Sam

Unbelievable Price Of Items

This store uses it low price as a bait to make you shop from them. As we have observed from many fraudulent websites, this is just a way for them to get shoppers trooping to their store. Customers would either receive an inferior product which is far cheaper, a different item (like a mug or scarf), or they wouldn’t receive anything at all.

No Return Policy

The worst trait of this store is that when you have gotten your item, there is absolutely no way to return them. The customer care don’t reply emails. And they have not provided any return address. In the end, you are stuck with an item you hate, but can not return!

Review Verdict; Suspicious Store ! Not Recommended

Butterflyladyy.com is  an untrustworthy online store. Those who shopped from the store were disappointed when their order arrive. The items were of inferior quality, and could be best described as scrap.

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