Celxjnt Review (2020): Scam or Legit Store? might poses as a legit online store for toys and games, but the true story may just be the opposite. Read this to understand why you need to avoid this store.

It is the festive season again and it’s only natural that online scams pop up more frequently. Due to this, we deemed it fit to investigate questionable websites to help you tell legit ones from scams.

Read this review carefully before making any purchase from


Celxjnt is an online store that supposedly sells  children’s toys, board games, stuffed animals, etc. They provide a whole variety these products to meet customers’ taste as they claim to aim for customer satisfaction.

The online store can be accessed via the link; Contact

Company address: No. 7 longtang Road Yalong Bay, Sanya, Hainan, 572000, China

Customer care E-mail:

Customer care phone number: +8631186047245

Social media handles: Nil

This website does not provide any social media whatsoever. Should this be a source of concern? We’ll see.

How Does Work?

It is a common thing among illegitimate shopping sites to flaunt cheap prices for their products; prices that are too good to be true. They are also known to give unbelievable discounts.

In the case of celxjnt, it would seem both of these apply. From observation, some of the products displayed by this store seem to be around their regular prices. However, some others seem to be far higher and others still, far below their expected prices.

The payment services celxjnt offers are credible, though. Some of them are; VISA, Mastercard, etc. Red Flags Found?

Here are some things we found (or didn’t find) on


One of the most important things to look out for when you would shop with any online store is the customer reviews section. Any online store, no matter how big, established or reliable, usually has good and bad reviews. This is for the sole reason that no service is perfect. Therefore it is usually suspicious when a store has only good or only bad reviews. on the other hand, has neither good nor bad reviews. During our investigation, we did not find any product reviews whatsoever. This is definitely something to be concerned about because no legit online store sells without requesting feedback; not even established stores such as Amazon.

The absence of reviews is definitely a red flag!

Refund Policy: has a 30-day return policy. This means that you have 30 days after you receive your item, to determine whether or not you’re satisfied and return it. It is important to note that a condition for returning is that the item must be in the same condition it was when you got it, with its tags and original packaging. Good, right? Wrong!

The celxjnt refund policy page is full of repetitions and missing links and does not provide a valid return address for the undesired items. The main address presented by the store is not even a credible one as it seems to be located in an uninhabited area. Finally, the return form unsatisfied customers are asked to feel is not even present. They basically leave you stranded.


After going through the content on this e-commerce site; terms and conditions, refund policy, product description, images, etc., one starts to notice duplicates from other sites, both scam and legit.

Another proof of this is the number of inconsistencies and missing links on the site. For example, their address pinpoints them in China, while in section 19 of their Terms and Conditions, they claim to answer to the governing body in the United States.

All these can only result from copied content.


The fact that cannot produce it’s own content or even be relied upon for information is enough to cancel them. If an e-commerce store cannot fulfil the basic requirements of an e-commerce or even provide working social media handles to take care of customer complaints, they shouldn’t be there at all.

This store has all the makings of a scam and you would be safer staying away from them.

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