Charity Profits App Scam Review

Here comes another scam in binary option industry, Charity Profits App scam. Megan Sanders as she calls herself is the brain behind Charity Profits App, one sad and regrettable thing about this particular scam is that she hides behind the hood of charity,  making it presentable as though part of the earnings 5% would go to charity. She claims to be a financial analyst who in the course of her vacation to Africa saw a malnourished child down with malaria with no aid , despite her aid the child died, this spur the compassion in her to give to charity. This sounds touching, and seems legit right? The big answer is that they are all lies. Megan Sanders is just playing with peoples psychology to make them sign up for her autotrading software called Charity Profit App. Newbies in the binary options trade might fall for this well packaged lies, anyway, don’t be scared as we are here to unveil the Charity Profits App scam. Website: charity-profit-app ceo

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Unveiling the Charity Profits App scam

  • Fake testimonials with paid actors: When you watch the presentation video of Charity Profits App, you would see some people giving testimonials of the huge amounts of money they made with this Charity Profits App. In the video, the guy labelled in the picture below Charity Profits App Fake testimonialsclaimed to have started and made $3728.79 and he totalled almost $8000 in 2 days while the lady labelled said she started a week ago and has made $27,967.82. Pls don’t be deceived, check below  you would discover that this guys are paid actors from the site, the testimonials are not real, look at the picture charity profits app paid-fiverryou would discover that these are paid actors doing what they are paid to do ‘ACT ‘, the problem here are not the actors because they are doing their job, but the CEO Megan Sanders, that claims that this software has helped enormous people and part of the proceeds has gone to charity. If this were true we should have seen those charity organisations endorsing it or beneficifiaries of these software giving testimonials but they dont exist. This is enough reason to nail this scam software.

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  • Fake Guarantees: Megan promised that with Charity Profits App, you would make at least $4000 a day for 7days in a week. This can’t be true because the financial market closes in the weekend so how come this software makes profit even on weekends????
  • Unexplained mechanism this software works with and Undisclosed Brokers: She never stated how this software works, the algorithm it uses and she never disclosed the brokers connected to the software, this raises warning signals.
  • Not actually free: The software is not actually free because you have to use $250 to fund her undisclosed broker. Funding a broker an autotrading software works with to start trading is normal, but with this software you don’t know the broker, thats how you lose your money.

CONCLUSION: Charity Profits App is a huge scam, so beware. Visit recommended autotrading software>>>click Automated Binary

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Thanks for exposing these scammers, I nearly deposited my money