ONLINE STORES Review (2020): Is This Another Fake Store?; also Clothfou, is the wrong online store to go cloth-shopping. Read this review to know why you should avoid this store completely.

Considering the rate at which we encounter online scams, we deemed it necessary to look through various questionable websites to help you know which is real and which is not.

Do not make any purchase from before reading this review.

About is an online store that supposedly sells female outfits, including tops, shoes, bottoms and jewelry. They also speak about custom clothing, although we did not find any of those while going through the website.

The online store can be accessed via the link; Contact Info

Below is the contact information for the Clothfou store as provided by

Company address: Nil

Customer care E-mail:

Customer care phone number: Nil

Social media handles: Nil

This website does not provide any contact info besides the service email. Should this be a source of concern? We’ll see Red Flags Found

Here are some things we found (or didn’t find) on


One of the most important things to look out for when you would shop with any online store is the customer reviews section. Any online store, no matter how big, established or reliable, usually has good and bad reviews. This is for the sole reason that no service is perfect. Therefore it is usually suspicious when a store has only good or only bad reviews.

In the case of it would seem none of these apply. During our investigation, we did not find any product reviews whatsoever. This absence of reviews could either mean they don’t want the public to see all those negative comments, or they don’t make real sales.

We decided to check third party sites. We could not find any positive third party site reviews; on a Facebook page bearing a similar name, people complained of comments being deleted. Deleted comments means there’s something being hidden, and that is a huge red flag.

Refund Policy: claims to have a 15-day return policy. This should mean that you have 30 days after you receive your item, to determine whether or not you’re satisfied and return it. It is important to note that a condition for returning is that the item must be in the same condition it was when you got it, with its tags and original packaging.

However, clothfou does not provide any return address for the items, or even any address at all. This means you’ll only be left stranded with you bad order.


After looking through, we discovered that most of the exhibit images were simply copied from other online stores. The policies and terms of service seem to also have been copied from other sites, judging by a few inconsistencies.

Plagiarism and unoriginal content on any e-commerce store is unacceptable. Hence, this is a red flag!


After considering all of the above, it only stands to reason that we conclude thus; does not have the necessary requirements of an e-commerce store. Therefore cannot be referred to as a credible online store.

Clothfou has all the makings of a scam and you would be safer staying away from them.

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