Review: Deceit Exposed- Corlala Scam Store!

Corlala Review– is not a legit store to buy pool sets, hot tubs, trampoline sprinkler, e.t.c  This  review exposes reasons why you shouldn’t shop here.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

 What Is Is It Legit?

Corlalais an online store that is selling variety of summer products like playsets, sprinkler, outdoor pools, trampoline, tents, e.t.c.  However, the price of these items seem too good to be true.

Are you planning to shop from

We advise you to take a breather, and go through this review. The Coronavirus outbreak has birthed a lot of online scams ranging from online stores, investments and what have you.

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Is this store what it claims to be? Do you run the risk of not receiving your order? Is your credit card details at risk with this store? These and many more are questions we hope to answer with this review Specifications

Corlala Com is located at

The Store provides the following contact info-

Address-1508 S Pine St, Hope, AR ,USA


Number- 140-245-6213

Should you have a reason to worry about this

 Why is Risky- Redflags Discovered

Fake Address

This store provides a fake address.  Using Google map, we realize the address belongs to a single family residential home and not a store, office or warehouse. This building is in no way linked to Corlala store.

Suspicious Nature Of Corlala Website makes use of a mail address that has already been used by a lot of online stores that turned out to be scam. When you copy the address and paste it on your browser, the results show a lot of warning from review sites about the mail address.

Cheap Price Of Items

One of the things that made us review this store is the unbelievable price of items it is offering. They are selling items for far below its original price. Just like the saying ‘If it is too good to be true, then it is not true’, the price of these items are too good to be true. No matter how enticing it is, it is just a bait. If you order, the chances of you receiving that item is very slim.

NO History

When we checked online we realized that this store was registered few weeks ago, and the owners have done everything to remain anonymous.

How Does Work?

Though this store might appear legit to an unsuspecting eyes, it is far from the truth. From what we mentioned above, it is clearly that this store is  fraudulent. This is the way scam stores like Corlala com operate-

  • When you make your order and pay for the items.
  • It takes weeks, sometimes months before your order arrives. Or it might not arrive at all.
  • What you ordered for is not what you get. You might receive an inferior item, smaller size of what you ordered, or you might not receive anything at all.
  • They might sell your credit card info to the dark web.

What We Found About!

At first glance, Corlala appears to be a legit store selling affordable items. On further inspection, is  fake online store just like Allmax, Hitesport, Pearlcosy, Seashop, those who shopped from this store never received what they paid for!

We advise you to tread carefully and also share your experiences with us!


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