Crypto Firms Become Targets Of Government Backed Chinese Hackers

The report that a group of Chinese hackers that have the support of the government of China are targeting Crypto Firms has been made known by FireEye Threat, an Intelligence agency.

It was revealed earlier this month that the Crypto Firms are no longer in the safety of lack of attention. A hacking group known as APT41 have been fingered as working with the Chinese Government to get into companies dealing in Crypto currencies.

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This group of hackers are known for their previous work of exposing the security lapses of video game companies in the past. They have been doing this for financial motives and there is no question why they now target Crypto companies.

APT41 have been reported to be doing this in a manner that can be traced to China’s five-year economic development plans. Coin Telegraph had reported that FireEye Intelligence company had discovered the plot. The hackers have previously succeeded in getting into companies in many sectors like: healthcare, telecoms, fintech, film, education, travel services, and media.

Now, this new wave of attacks has started as far back as 2018, when the hackers sent emails to crypto companies. They were discovered to be spear-phishing tools had been sent in the guise of inviting crypto industries to join a gaming platform. The platform claimed to belong to a gaming studio dominated by cryptocurrency firms.

It is still unclear what the Chinese government’s part is in this scheme. Though, reports claim that they may gain useful information on upcoming events both economic and political in nature.

However, the phishing tool is not the only one deployed. FireEye had noted that APT41 also used Monero mining tools. This tool steal information from a victim’s computer. Crypto companies in the UK, US, Italy, France, Singapore, South Korea, South Africa, India and others are being targeted according to one report.

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