DasCoin Review: Is DasCoin A Good Investment?

DasCoin Review: Should I invest? DasCoin is a cryptocurrency that entered the crypto space in 2017 . It was created by Michael Mathias -the CEO and has a team of “NetLeaders” which include a Ugandan government senior official and advisor to the president, a financial advisor, a university professor and an entrepreneur.

DasCoin Review

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Disturbing Things about DasCoin:

Though it is called the currency of trust, DasCoin bear similar attributes with the disgraced OneCoin. Contrary to how legit cryptocurrencies work, Anyone who invests in DasCoin does so through NetLeaders, where you use real money (ranging from €100 to €25,000) to pay for NetLeader license. The higher your invest, the more cycles you receive and the greater the amount of DasCoins you can receive by using those cycles. Also, there is more to what meets the eyes as the platform’s lack of products is quite suspicious. DasCoin is nothing but a scam disguised as cryptocurrency. There is no possible way it can be the next bitcoin killer as it is not accepted in many crypto exchange platforms. DasCoin has no products or services, it is just a huge recruitment scheme. Lest we forget, DasCoin founder was one of the key-players in the pyramid ponzi scheme called OneCoin. This is enough red flag to send one scurrying away from this disguised scam. As seen in the image below, Michael Mathias was once into the shady scheme called OneCoin.

Proof of scam

Should You Invest in DasCoin?

The answer is No.In as much as it may seem promising. DasCoin is a timer bomb, waiting to explode.


In this era of digital assets, before you invest your money, it is advisable to make thorough investigation before plunging headlong because the Crypto world space is rife with so many disguised scams. Don’t join DasCoin!  It is an MLM ponzi scheme whose business model is not accepted anywhere else in the world. The people who own this scam used to promote One Coin, a pyramid scheme. DasCoin is a scam that will flop one of these days.

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DasCoin Review
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