ONLINE STORES Review (2020): Scam Store Exposed, masking itself as Dewalt Store Online, is a fake online store claiming to sell Dewalt Power equipment. Read this review to know why you should avoid this store.

Considering the rate at which one encounters online scams, especially since the coronavirus pandemic, we deemed it necessary to check shady websites. This is to help you know which is real and which is not.

Read this review carefully before making any purchase from


Decadfe is an online store that supposedly sells Dewalt Power tools for both plumbing and electrical usage. They offer these products at very low cost compared to the original cost, disguising them as flash sales.

The website here is created to look and feel very professional, we must admit. It can be accessed via the link; Contact

Company address: Nil

Customer care E-mail: Nil

Customer care phone number: Nil

Social media handles: Nil

This website does not provide any contact information whatsoever. Should this be a source of concern? Yes, definitely!

How Does Work?

It is a common thing among illegitimate shopping sites to flaunt cheap prices for their products; prices that are too good to be true. They are also known to give unbelievable discounts.

In the case of decadfe, it is done under the cover of Flash sales. These products are slashed to less than 60% of their original prices to attract unsuspecting customers that usually turn out to be victims.

Some of the payment methods available include; American Express, JCE, VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, etc. Red Flags Found?

Here are some things we found (or didn’t find) on


One of the most important things to look out for when you would shop with any online store is the customer reviews section. Any online store, no matter how big, established or reliable, usually has good and bad reviews. This is for the sole reason that no service is perfect.

Therefore it is usually suspicious when a store has only good or only bad reviews. Decadfe on the other hand, possesses neither. During our investigation, we did not find any product reviews whatsoever. There didn’t even seem to be a feature that let’s customers add reviews.

Absence of customer feedback on an online store could mean they’re either trying to hide something or they don’t exist at all. RED FLAG!

Anonymous Identity: seems to be the shy type of online retailers. We say this because they do not provide a single piece of contact information on their website. There is nothing with which one can identify the business owners or operators of the website; not even a phone number or address.

In the absence of sensitive information such as this, one can only conclude this is a shady site and advise that you steer clear of such a store. You will shop at your own risk.

Security and False Links:

The web address for this online store begins with “http” instead of “https”. This means that the website does not fulfil the necessary internet security requirements. Hence, any personal information you put in there – including your passwords and credit card pin – is at risk of being stolen.

There are also false links everywhere on the website, including social media links that take you to the social media handles of “Moncler” clothing brand instead. All these are what we see with scam websites.

Verdict: has no proven sales, no contact info and no social media handles. There give us no credible reason to trust them, hence we advise that you stay away from them.

You will be safer doing business with transparent online stores.

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