Reviews: Deceit Exposed – Fake Dewalt Store!

Dewcewico Review- scam or legit dewalt store?

Dewcewico located at is selling its power tools for cheap price. Is legit?  Because we are concerned about your financial safety, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing websites, products and stores. We hope our review of Dewcewico Online Store serves as an eyeopener, and help you make the proper decision.

What Is Is It Legit? is an online store that claims to be a Dewalt Online store. However, one thing that gave them away is the unbelievable price they are offering their tools for. The discount rate is not only alarming but impossible.

We advice that you shouldn’t be in a hurry to dive in! Specification

  • Website-
  • Shipping Condition- Free delivery worldwide

Apart from the live form on their contact Us page, Dewcewico store does not provide an address or phone number or even a mail with which we can reach them with. This is quite disturbing, and is a major cause of alarm. ,Why are they keen on hiding these information from the public?

dewcewico Reviews


Are you planning to shop from We advise you not to do so yet, see the Redflags of Dewcewico Store below to check if is legal or not.


The Truth About Disturbing Things Found!

Lacks Authority

This store poses an a Dewalt store but it does not explain why it uses a totally different domain name. This is very suspicious and is one of the traits of scam stores that poses as sellers of brand products.

Before any store becomes affiliated with a brand and starts selling their products, they must have authority, which might come in form of a document. Dewcewico does not display any certificate or document to show it is authorized to sell Dewalt tools.

They’re making use of same website design and layout as the legit Dewalt store, however they are far from being legit.

Unbelievable Prices

Dewcewico is offering its goods for discounts ranging between $100-$600. Well, this is simply a faux. The real dewalt store which is located at , does not offer its goods for such ridiculous prices.

Fake Social Media Account

Dewcewico online store provides social media buttons at the bottom of their page. However, when you click on them they lead you to ‘moncler’ social media pages which has absolutely nothing to do with

Zero Security Measures

This online store allows buyers to make use of their credit cards when they have not fully secured their website with an SSL certificate. What this means is that, stands a risk of been hacked, with the hackers tampering with the credit card details of people who have shopped in the store.

Our Verdict!

Just like Dwodus, Dekowos, Dewaltwos, Dewcewico online store is an unreliable store that claims to sell Dewalt products for unbelievable prices. They wouldn’t send you your order!

Have You Have Been Scammed By dewcewico?

There is no need to begin panicking if you have already ordered from dewcewico before reading this review. All hopes are not yet lost, as you  can still get your money back. This is how to get your money back from this Store-

  • File a complaint with your bank, and change your password.
  • Block the cards, and request for a new one from your bank’
  • You can also join the Paypal Community to know those who have been scammed by the store too.




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