Dubai Lifestyle App Scam Review

Its pathetic how people just sit down and cook up things just to rip people off their money. The Dubai lifestyle app, is yet another scam software that does exactly just that. Pay keen attention as we reveal the red flags in our Dubai Lifestyle App review. The name Dubai, paints the picture of class, luxury and affluence. The alleged creator of the Dubai lifestyle App, narrated how he left for Dubai with only $500 and after getting some rich Arab guys to invest huge in his idea, he gathered experts and they created the Dubai Lifestyle Auto trading App.

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Who is the brain behind Dubai Lifestyle App

According to the video presentation the CEO is one Scott Hattawayscott hathaway dubai lifestyle ceo who claims to be a professional in binary options, we ran a search on him and we couldn’t find any thing reasonable, as a matter of fact his picture is a stock image gotten fro the internet, for all we care this guy is just a fictional character the scammers are hiding under that name. To make it enticing he assures you that you can make $7,183.80 per day. These are all lies. Website:

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Dubai Lifestyle App Scam busted!!!

  • When you open the website you find out that at the top left corner you are shown the number of spots remaining for your country(NB: the internet recognises the country you are browsing from based on your IP address, so this is not new), you are shown a particular number, just try refreshing the page you would discover that the number would change. Now this number should be decreasing as you could assume people are registering but that is not the case as sometimes the number goes up again. Keep refreshing and you would discover that this are mere random numbers.
  • Fake team members:  The picture of the team members for this App are mere stock images gotten from the internet dubai-lifestyle-group-stockthey are not the supposed Dubai lifestyle team members.
  • Fake testimonials: The people giving testimonials and endorsing the App are paid actors from an online market place where you could get services done at $5, those guys in the testimonial never used the app, they where just paid to give false testimonials.
  • Annoying pop-ups that tries to give a sense of urgency to trader(the trader is not allowed to think it over) to register and after registering you would be asked to fund the broker with $250dubai-lifestyle login

Conclusion: I hope you have found our dubai lifesyle app review helpful, pls avoid this app it is a huge scam with the soul aim of stealing your money.

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