ETBOT Review: What You Should Know About AI Crypto Trading – Guide! Reviews: Should you trade with etbot.ioWith the recent happenings in the cryptocurrency market one can’t help but develop cold feet when an opportunity like this presents itself. This is because no one wants to fall prey to online scammers in the guise of crypto experts/ brokers. Is Etbot a Scam? Or is legit?

Our review of Etbot Simplified Crypto trading serves as an eyeopener. We hope it guides you in making the proper decision.

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What Is

According to the information on homepage,  ”ETBot is a systematic AI/ML powered technical analysis algorithm created to capture and exploit market opportunities. Our system filters the noise of the market activity and provides valuable content on assets potential and price movements

You might be trying to wrap your head around these words, wondering if they are true or just hogwash. There is no cause for alarm. We were once in your shoes, until we decided to run an underground investigation, by subscribing to their intermediate plans.

And true to their words, Etbot is a 100%  automatic Crypto trading Bot software service. This software uses AI and machine learning, and applies technical analysis to trade long and short depending on the profile you chose. What this means that, with this software you’re not required to set anything or do anything, you don’t even need to be online or switch any indicator. You can also chat with the team here

Hear this now; ETBOT provides a 100% hands free connection to proven profitable Crypto trading strategies.

Etbot homepage image


Who is Behind Etbot-

One of the beauties of this platform is that it is 100% transparent. You can easily trace the team behind etbot AI trading. When we ran a photo check on the images, we had no cause of alarm. Infact, Etbot has a crystal clear history, being a child of Endotech which has being in existence for more than seven years now.

Established in 2012, EndoTech successfully provided proprietary algorithms for hedge funds. Their vision has always been to help both retail and institutional clients to take control over the trading process and risks by developing and constantly improving their software.

In 2020, they re-invented their approach by making ETBOT a stand-alone product for every individual (retail) clients. So now, come all and sundry, and tap into this bounty. But Remember, the balance per connected account is $5000 USD/USDT.

Anyone wanting to connect more than $5000 can take multiple subscriptions or if they have the right needs and abilities they can walk over to the Institutional side at and set up there.


How Does Etbot Work?

Etbot is designed for all types of retail traders. Whether Apprentice, Intermediate or Expert. However, you have to decide which type of trader you are. An Alpha or a Beta trader?

Alpha traders want more risk, more reward, more trading volume. Beta traders on the other hand are notoriously patient. They are happy to settle for a lower potential set of rewards and gain, therefore reducing and minimizing their potential risk per position traded or per investment account.

etbot subscription plans

So we go back to the questions on your lips: How do I connect to Etbot? who is in control of accounts? Take a deep breathe, we will answer these questions one after the other!


  • How To Connect To Etbot– Gone are the days when connecting to a third party account trading software to privately owned broker was extremely tedious. Today it is easy, safe and fast.  At ET BOT the situation is no different; their systems are connected to your trading funds using a secure API Key connection. An API Key connection to ETBOT provides the Company with the ability to order and execute trades inside your account in real time – the strategy initiates a signal and your account takes the exact same trade live. However take note; You’re in absolute control of your funds!

Fun Fact; You’re the only one in control of your account balance. This means that you can simply withdraw from your account at will as and when needed.

  • Who Controls Your Trading Funds and Exchange Accounts– Hear this now; ETBOT does not have access to, or touch client funds. Only clients have control of their money and coins in their own bank, private wallet or exchange account. You either make an API KEY connection which gives ET BOT ability to deliver their strategy to your account, or you go through basic KYC procedures to join their Dolphin/Whale OTC desk.

ETBOT Account Subscriptions And Plans

Like us, you are probably stuck in what plan to subscribe for;

  • Beginner- $125 (3 Months)
  • Simple- $250  (3 Months)
  • Advanced- $350 (3 Months)

Well, well, just take a deep breath. is run by dedicated lots and experts in crypto trading. Knowing fully well that you might be at a loss of which plan to subscribe for. They provided a ‘Compare’ button below the pricing page. Once you click the button, you’re redirected to a page with table that explicitly shows the tips and tricks of each subscription plan.

etbot sub


+ ETBOT Pros

  • Standard Website
  • 100% Transparent
  • Multiple Choices
  • Affordable Plans

This is just to mention few. Having tested this amazing crypto trading software, we can’t help but exclaim ‘ is a dream come true!. Review Conclusion

We’re certain beyond doubts that Etbot AI Crypto trading is the best automatic crypto trading platform. With this bot, you are totally in control of your funds, and can easily reach the Etbot communication team 24/7. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an expert trader, this software uses AI and machine learning to trade for you.

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