Forester Forex EA Review: Is ForesterForex EA A Legit Trading Robot? Review: The Forester Forex EA claims to be a spearheading forex robot company leading the polls on the internet. This robot offers like all others an automated trading that will require you to do nothing more than sitting back and watching while it takes care of your trading duties. No information is given on the parent company or registration.


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It claims to be able to do all of the following for traders:

Act as a forex advisor (because it has deep inside knowledge of forex trading)

Run a fully automated algorithm trading system

User friendly procedures that are easy to use and understand

It also claims to be one of the most used by professionals who know what they want from forex trading.

Though there is a 30 days’ guarantee advertised on the Forester Forex EA website that ensures that users can get their money after this duration if they are not content with what is offered, there have been no proof of this happening.

It is still relatively new and results found on trusted sites might not be proof enough as they come from a single account.

Researching the Forester Forex EA has shown that it just started trading online for not more than two months now. There is a significant gaping hole in the fact that there is no published customer review both on the official website as well as anywhere else.

How Does Forester Forex EA Work?

This is one of the most important things that online traders look for when trying out a new trading product and the only thing that Forester Forex EA says about the mechanism on the website is that: “… it is based on a set of complex algorithms that works on EURUSD and GBPUSD.”

From this it can be gathered that the robot uses the EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs and that most of the running of the product is automatic and out of the user’s hand.

There are only three basic steps for one to start using this robot:

Download Forester Forex EA

Install and Configure it (this is said to take no more than minutes)

Then watch your money grow while you do nothing

The license packages are as follows: 1 license that costs $149, 2 license for $199 and 4 license package for the sum of $249. Each of these license packages offers lifetime access, 24×7 support that can be reached at, free updates from the ever hardworking team and instant download.


Client Feedback

There is no review by their clients at this time. However, Forester Forex EA has a FX Blue account that has been active for two months. On EURUSD pairs, it has a win rate of 61% and 67% on GBPUSD. Average win by this robot range from 22 to 31 pips and loss of 26 to 40 pips. This is an encouraging win:loss ratio.


It is always wise to wait out a trendy product even when the temptation to quickly jump on the train is there. We are therefore not recommending this product for usage yet. If after considerable time Forester Forex EA is still around and have more verified users’ reviews, people are advised to engage it.

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