Gadget-Vision Reviews: Genuine or Scam Online Store

Welcome to our review. Gadget-vision is an untrustworthy online store. Are you looking for legit stores to shop online? Did that search bring you to Then it’s a good thing you came here because your doubts were right. It is important you read reviews such as this one before spending your money in a new and unfamiliar online store. Read this┬áreview carefully before making any purchase from

It is no news that the rate of online fraud activity is on the increase. This why we deemed it necessary to look through various questionable websites to help you know which is real and which is not.

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What is Gadget-vision? is an online store that claims to sell gadgets and gadgets utilities, such as relaxing laptop desks, orthodontic chair, etc. They display their prices at relatively low cost to attract victims. If anything can attract people to a store easily, it’s when they appear to offer cheaper deals. Unfortunately, this one is only bait. The website has an average user interface at best; one that only barely passes as professional.

Red Flags on

Missing Contact Info

Address: No. 32, Xihu Road, Xiling District, Yichang City

Phone Number: Nil

Email: claims to operate under Yichang Huiyun Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.; the owners of the address they provide. However, both this address and company name are found to be linked with a bunch of other known online store scam. This piece of detail is troubling, thus increasing our suspicion.

The email address;, is merely a sham and rarely offers any real help. This means is an anonymous store. You should never shop from anonymous websites; it’s dangerous.

Fake Reviews:

There are tons of customer reviews on But having an average 5-star rating after 40+ reviews with not a single complaint is a level of flawlessness that even amazon could not possibly replicate. Those reviews are fake and fake product reviews is something we usually see with scam stores. Thus, we have another red flag!

Return Policy: says their return policy lasts 30 days. The store asks that you contact them for the address, but they never reply to such mails.

In addition, makes customers responsible for their own return shipping fees whether or not the problem is from the store. This is a big problem and a red flag!


Most of the content in failed the plagiarism test. From product description and images to even terms of service, return policy, etc. These include images from google and photoshopped versions of copied photos from other sites. Thus, this is a sure red flag.

Verdict: Is Legit?

Judging by our observations that we stated above, is not a site to trust at all. They lack the necessary elements of a legit website and it is not safe for you to go shopping from them. Like Zillalike, Jordanstor, Bestbuyelectronicsonline, etc. this store is classified as a scam.

If you have similar experiences with stores like these, or even this one in particular, do tell us in the comments. If you have doubts about the article itself, use the comments as well. However, if you feel this has helped you in some way, share it with someone.

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