Is GM Ignition Switch Economic Settlement Scam? [2020 UPDATE]

The GM Ignition Switch Economic Settlement is not a scam, don’t ignore. If you are a current or once an owner or lessee of a GM vehicle that was subject to certain 2014 recalls, you may have rights and choices in a proposed settlement.


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What You Should Know About GM Ignition Switch Economic Settlement

A proposed class settlement of economic loss claims by persons who owned or leased GM vehicles that were recalled in 2014 has been submitted for approval to the Federal District Court. The recalls involved the ignition system, key rotation, electronic power steering, and/or side airbag wiring.

The plaintiffs claim that consumers overpaid when they bought or leased these vehicles. General Motors LLC (“New GM”), the Motors Liquidation Company GUC Trust (“the GUC Trust”), and the Motors Liquidation Company Avoidance Action Trust (“the AAT”) deny these allegations.

They said; Plaintiffs, the GUC Trust, New GM, and the AAT have agreed to a settlement to avoid the risk and cost of further litigation.

Our Concerns About This Mail

We discovered that the postcards are mailed out to millions of people who are supposed to put in their old VIN numbers for cars they haven’t owned for a dozen years or more. Funny enough, there is no list of qualifying vehicles. There is no range of awards that we were able to see. Just legal speak.

We can’t stop worrying why Attorneys will be paid millions while consumers who have to perform significant research are paid pennies. A total time waster but consistent with similar initiatives. This past week alone, a lot of American were offered the possibility of a $12 settlement from Google. The flier indicated that the attorneys would be making millions.

We think it is not fair, or true.

What do you think about this? Drop a comment below to tell us what you think about this GM switch economic settlement.

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