Hitesport.space Review: 5 Reasons Why Hitesport Space is Scam [Revealed]

Hitesport Space Reviews: Hitesport.space claims it is selling cheap Kayaks. But when you make an order, they would steal your money and not send you any item.  As a result of the rise in online scams, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing websites, products and stores. We hope our review of Hitesport Space serves as an eyeopener, and help you make the proper decision.

 Is Hitesport.space Legit?

Hitesport  is an online store selling Pelican kayaks. However, the prices are too good to be true.  Is Hitesport.space safe? Will this store tamper with your credit card? Our findings below will provide the answer to these questions.

Redflags Exposed- Why Hitesport.space Kayaks are Scam

Fake Address

The following address ” 267 Batterson Dr New Britain CT 6053 US” provided by this online store is a fake address that has nothing to do with the online store.Also, this same address has already been used by an online store which turned out to scam in the end!

Cheap Price Of Items

One of the things that made us review this store is the unbelievable price of items it is offering. They are selling items for far below its original price. Just like the saying ‘If it is too good to be true, then it is not true’, the price of these items are too good to be true.

Fake Social Media Buttons

This store provides fake social media icons. When you click on them they only take you to the website’s homepage and not to Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

NO History

When we checked who.is, we realized this website is just few weeks old. Also, the website theme is pretty piss poor. It looks like a website made by a newbie website designer playing with WordPress.

How Does Hitesport.space Work?

Though this store might appear legit to an unsuspecting eyes, it is far from the truth. During our investigation we realized the store works this way-

  • When you make your order and pay for the items.
  • It takes weeks, sometimes months before your order arrives. Or it might not arrive at all.
  • What you ordered for is not what you get. You might receive a mug or a mask.
  • They might sell your credit card info to the dark web

Hitesport.space Reviews- Our Verdict!

Hitesport. Space is not a genuine online store. Don’t be deceived by the cheap price of items, they are all fake. If you have ordered from this store, you should file a complaint with your bank because there is a possibility that you wouldn’t receive what you paid for.


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