Home Depot $175 Voucher Giveaway- Another Scam!

Is Home depot giving out $175 voucher to loyal customers? The answer to this question is NO.

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We have had a lot of readers sending us mails about a supposed Home Depot Voucher $15 giveaway going viral on social media. This post claims that you only need to share and comment in order to get a $175 voucher or coupon.

This is quite funny. Yes?

The question you should ask yourself is this; why would Home Depot allow you go through this stress?

Please spare yourself the ‘This must be a Goodwill prompted by the COVID-19’ thought.

The Truth About Home Depot Voucher $175 Giveaway

When we checked the supposed link, we discovered it is for a fake website. Which is not for the real Home Depot store. Going through the official Home Depot Facebook page, we realized they made no mention of the ongoing $175 voucher giveaway to Loyal customers.

The Home Depot $175 Voucher Scam on Social Media

The viral post is a scam, which was created by scammers. They are simply playing with your intelligence. No matter how many times you share and comment on the post you wouldn’t receive any voucher.

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