HONSRD Review: Deceit Exposed- Another Scam Chain Stores

HONSRD Review: Genuine or  Fraudulent Store? Before ordering for goods online, it is important to check online reviews and see for yourself what experts have to say. This is because the number of fraudulent online stores keep rising each day, so it is better to be on the safe side.

Honrsd is offering huge discounts on its goods. Is it a scam online store? or is Honrsd legit? Should you comfortably dive into this ecommerce store? These and many more are the questions we hope to answer with our review of this online store.


HONSRD is an online brand store that is swooning heads with its unbelievable discounts of its goods- electric motorcoss bike, infalatable water slide, kids truck car e.t.c Funny enough, HONSRD has different websites selling these goods. We don’t understand why they need more than one website. However, below is the list of HONSRD websites.

  • jkowater.com
  • nvaoppo.store
  • bookskx.com
  • lvspaly.com

A look at these websites shows they share same brand name ‘HONSRD’, same website design, same products, same contact.

When we checked the claims made by this website they seem too good to be true, and we couldn’t help but ask the same questions you’re probably asking –is HONSRD genuine?’ is this Store trustworthy or just a rip off scam? How do I know if an online store is scam or  legit


HONSRD Contact Details – How To Reach This Store

  • Email-  emilythompson1120@gmail.com

How Does HONSRD Online Store Work

HONSRD is offering its products for discounts. They are making use of Facebook as a platform to market their products. This store claims it offers free shipping, but when you click the ‘Shipping Information’ button it simply redirect you back to the homepage. We find this worrying.

What You Should Know about HONSRD Store

 As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the rate of fraudulent online stores keep rising each day. Unsuspecting shoppers keep falling prey to seemingly ‘genuine’ stores that turned out to be fraud in the end. This reinforced our decision to  fish out suspicious online stores, with the aim of saving you the disappointment and stress. Below, we have listed the cons of HONSRD


Negative Sides Of HONSRD

Be it jkowater.com, nvaoppo.store, bookskx.com, or lvspaly.com, they have no positive side. Apart from the enticing discount which could be a bait, there is nothing good to write home about these stores. Below are reasons why you shouldn’t waste your time on these stores.

Not Secured

One of the first things we always look at when reviewing a website is the security. Is the online store secured? This is because any website that allows the use of credit cards on its portal, is always vulnerable to hacking and what not. A look at all HONSRD website shows that they have no SSL Certificate. What this means is that the websites is prone to being hacked. And you know what happens next? your credit card details get tampered with

Anonymous Lots

For a store that is not up to a month old, we expect the owners to be visible. The owner/owners of HONSRD are hiding their information from the public. This itself is not good. Providing your information which includes your address, name, and customer care number, gives buyers confidence in your store. We would like the owners of HONSRD  brand stores to indicate who they are.

Fake Mail

HONSRD provides the following mail ’emilythompson1120@gmail.com’ However, we noticed this mail address has been used by many other online stores which turned out to be scam stores in the end. You only need to copy the mail address and paste it on your browser. That way you would realize it has already been marked as scam

Copied Content

Using a plagiarizing tool, we discovered this website has copied it content from other stores. The About Us page is a perfect example. Try copying and pasting the words on your browser. You would realize this store has many things in common with other online scam stores- such as the website design, the mail, the number, and content.

No Social Media Presence

This store does not provide buttons linking to its social media pages. We always advise our readers to shop from online stores where they can be followed from their social media page, be it Facebook or Instagram.

No Review Section

This online store does not provide a review section where those who had bought their items would rate them and also drop a review. We are always wary of online stores that do not provide a rating space.


Is HONSRD a Trustworthy Online Store?

We are very skeptical about this online store as it seems not to be a genuine place to shop. We advise our readers to tread carefully and also share their experiences with us!

If you have been scammed by this online store, we advise you to file a complaint with your bank immediately, and also change your credit card if possible.

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Elle Bee
Elle Bee

I ordered a chair from this “company” and received no confirmation. I emailed them and got no reply. Do not order from here!

Tracy petersen
Tracy petersen

I too was scammed…stupid me lost 110.00


Wife ordered what she thought was an enclosed chicken coop for what she felt was a good price, using my credit card. A couple of days later, when she informed me of her “purchase”, I advised her the price was way to low and attempted to verify via the website her “checkout” url indicated of Scieso.store(rather than HONSRD). That website or page no longer exists. I then checked my credit card account and discovered a charge on that date and the amount she told me to a “mofabed.com” site. Checking them, I see they claim to sell pull out sofa… Read more »