Jordonshop Review (2020): Is a Scam? presents itself as a legit Nike’s Jordan shoe online store, but the true story is quite the opposite. Read this Jordonshop review to know why you ought to avoid this store.

Upon considering the rate at which we encounter online scams, we deemed it necessary to look through various questionable websites to help you know which is real and which is not. Knowing the difference between legit and scam websites will save you from a lot of daylight e-robbery.

Read this review carefully before making any purchase from


Jordonshop is an online store that supposedly sells Nike Jordan sneakers at relatively low costs. They do this by offering lots of products at discount prices; prices that more often than not, can be described as ‘unreal’. This helps them to gain a lot of customer attention and bring people to their site.

The craftsmanship behind the website is one to be applauded, because not only does it look professional enough, it also has great user experience. The site is generally easy to navigate. Jordonshop online store can be accessed via the link; Contact Info

Below are some of the contact information provided by the Jordonshop online store.

Company address: 7895 Piermont Dr NE Albuquerque, NM 198866, United States of America

Customer care E-mail:

Customer care phone number: +566 4774 9930; +566 4774 9940

Social media handles: Nil

This website does not provide any social media handle whatsoever. Should this be a source of concern? We’ll see

How Does Work?

It is a common thing among illicit shopping sites to display relatively cheap prices for their products; prices that are too good to be true. These outrageous discounts are sometimes justified with a reason, whereas in the case of, there is no such thing. It’s almost as though the simply chose to sell at almost half the true price.

Jordonshop does offer refund policies and a way of tracking one’s orders. And unlike most scam stores, they actually have contact information. These will be briefly discussed.

Some of the payment methods available include; American Express, VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, etc.

Jordanshop Review: Red Flags Found?

Here are some things we found (or didn’t find) on


One of the most important things to look out for when you would shop with any online store is the customer reviews section. Any online store, no matter how big, established or reliable, usually has good and bad reviews. This is for the sole reason that no service is perfect.

Therefore it is usually suspicious when a store has only good or only bad reviews. possesses neither. During our investigation of the website, we did not find any product reviews or even rating.

When we looked beyond the website, there were no good reviews to take home either. This store is known to deliver wrong products to it’s customers. However, this could have been easily rectified via return and refund, but for the bottleneck type of refund policy present. Let’s look at that.

Refund Policy: has a 30-day return policy. This means that you have 30 days after you receive your item, to determine whether or not you’re satisfied and return it. It is important to note that a condition for returning is that the item must be in the same condition it was when you got it, with its tags and original packaging. This is good.

What is not good is that firstly, one of the product groups not eligible for refund is ‘Sale items’; items not sold at the regular price. Whereas, virtually all products on the site are discounted, this eliminates them all from the possibility of refund. This is a very smart red flag.

Secondly, the customer is expected to bear the shipping expenses for the return of defective or wrong items, and these fees are more often than not, just as expensive or more expensive than the item itself. Due to these limitations, you cannot even request for a chargeback via the payment medium because a ‘product’ was delivered, though it the wrong one.


Another red flag on this site is the fact that it’s content are not original. The refund and return policies are simply copies of those we’ve seen on other illegitimate stores. The photos are copied from google and not original product photos taken by does not provide social media handles; the links they display are just links to redirect you to the homepage.


The conflicting contact info on the website is alarming. First of all, they offer two conflicting addresses, although they are both within the United States.

Also observe that while the addresses are in the United States, the phone number provided has a Chilean country code (+566).

When compared with the fact that there are no social media handles provided for contacting them, it is easy to know that this store is likely fraudulent.


From lack of reviews to lack or social media presence and conflicting contact details, has proved to possess all the makings of a scam. Therefore, we reckon you would be much safer staying away from them.

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1 year ago

Well so far I ordered 5 pairs from them during last year til recently I’m actually waiting on my 5th pair the sneakers are official I can’t complain.

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