Mambo Investments Binary Options Review, Scam or not?

Binary options trading could be a losing venture, and could also be frustrating if one is misguided. Mambo investments and managed accounts should not be trusted if you don’t want to lose your investments in binary options trading. To be successful trading, a good system that works should be adopted, here you could get advice when needed. We decided to do a review on Mambo investments binary options, and it turns out this system is no different from similar scams which you should avoid.

Mambo Investments, a Scam!


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The sales pitch video of Mambo investments offers no insight of how this system works, the fictitious owner called Paulo. They claim their professional traders will help you place trades which are copied on autopilot. We have seen several scams like this, they have nothing reasonable to offer. They are just scammers out to rip traders. Mambo binary options claims to have been around for over two years supplying fascinating profits, these claims are all lies, we checked when  their website was registered and we discovered it was registered on 6 June 2016, which is barely a year, so you see that this system is built on falsehood. The testimonials they put up on their websites are scams and misleading, the pictures were stolen, a google search shows this pictures were gotten from other websites.

How the Scam works

They make you deposit some amount of money with their broker, before you are supposedly allowed to use the system. The problem here is that their broker is unlicensed and not regulated, through this broker you would be scammed and your money lost. One of the way they rope in new traders to scam is by claiming that you would be offered a free 7 day trial and if it happens that your money was lost, they would refund you your initial investment amount and an extra $500 compensation for your time and energy. This sounds amazing, doesn’t it? This is not the first time we have seen ludicrous offers like this, and they fail to deliver their promises, the truth is that when your money is used to place trades and is lost that money is lost forever there are no refunds, be wise!

Our Verdict

Mambo Investments is a binary option SCAM,  Stay clear of this system to avoid losing your money.

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