Millionaire Blueprint Software Scam Review: Beware of Walter Green Free Money System

We have blacklisted the Millionaire Blueprint software, due to lots of complaints of how traders have been scammed using this binary automated software. Is the Millionaire Blueprint legit? The answer is NO. When trading with this software be sure of losing your investment capital. Walter Green claims his Free Money System will turn you into a millionaire. And you think money is free? Don’t be deceived.

millionaire blueprint

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They keep on rehashing this sofware with new names to continue their scam tactics.

Millionaire Blueprint Software Review….A scam to avoid

Walter Green claims he has made over 152 new millionaire with his Free Money System. In the sales pitch of this software, like most of other scams, he tells a sordid tale of how he had been frustrated and also in debt. Most of these scammy software uses this tactic of telling you a sympathetic story of how frustrated they were, until they discovered their app that turned them into a millionaire overnight, just to make you think you have discovered a gold mine by coming across their software. He claims that in 90 days you would be a millionaire with ¬†the help of his Millionaire Blueprint Software, just like him that is worth over $48 million earned by just clicking his mouse. The truth is that they are all lies and false claims, you can’t turn a millionaire in 90 days trading binary options, we are professional traders and that is the sincere truth. Run away from get-rich-quick systems that promises you millions overnight. Binary Options trading is a decent investment that can make you money, but there are lots of scams out there and if you are not careful you may fall for them or may have fallen for some.

Conflicting statements

He stated in the video of Millionaire Blueprint software of his Free Money system that it makes no losses only wins, that would amount to a 100% win ratio. Further down the video we hear him made mention that the win-ratio is 95%. We don’t know which to believe but one thing is sure, no software can attain both win ratios he mentioned, we have not seen any and you can ask any professional trader, you would discover that that ratio is unattainable. Best binary softwares have a win-ratios in the margin of 80-86% which is very profitable.

False Testimonials

The testimonials in the video of the Millionaire Blueprint App are all false. The people you see there are all actors, they have been hired by this scammers to sell this scam to you, none of them has made millions not even a penny with this software, as a matter of fact they have never tried it out. Its a common scam tactics in most of these ugly scams, most of the time they hire actors from to give you false testimonials.

REVIEW VERDICT: Millionaire Blueprint Software is a HUGE SCAM!! Traders Beware

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