Monaco Treasure App Scam Review: Beware of this Scam Binary Trading Software

Quick money making schemes and fast rewards, these are the gimmicks and bait scams like Monaco Treasure App uses to lure unsuspecting people. Monaco Treasure Software is a binary auto-trading app that was launched in 2017, it places trade on automatically for binary trading and can make you $20,000 a day. Is this for real? Read our Review of Monaco Treasure App.

Blacklisted website:

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monaco treasure app

Who is behind the Monaco Treasure App?

The alleged owner of this software is Alfred Malone. Through ou the sales pitch of Monaco Treasure Software, we never saw any live footage of him, we just saw flashed images of the supposed Alfred Malone. We dug further and found out that the picture of Alfred Malone is a stock picture bought from Shutterstock( a website where images could be bought). As a matter of fact Alfred Malone is a fictitious name, he is used to present this scam software. The real owners are hiding behind the hood to scam people of their money.

How does the Monaco Treasure Software Work?

According to these scammers this software uses the Artificial Intelligence Application which seeks out winning trades from top binary traders database and then places  the trades at the exact required time. Sounds Great, right? This are one of the dubious ways this scammers employ to deceive people by using a BOGUS or highfalutin word to bamboozle you. Nothing like the Artificial Intelligence Application exists in binary options trading, it is a well made out phrase to deceive you.

False Testimonials and Fake Claims

The testimonials of Jessica Blake and Steve Mignanelli as seen on the website of this software, are all false.monaco treasure

They are paid actors hired from ( a marketplace where you can get services for as low as $5) and that is not their name however. They are not users of the Monaco Treasure App, they were just paid to make false claims. This is one the techniques this scammers use, they employ the services of actors to make ludicrous claims of how their stupid scam softwares are game changers, to deceive traders. This software can never make you $20,000 a day as it claims, instead you would lose your money


Monaco Treasure Binary App is a scam software, you should avoid. Your money would be lost when you sign up for this scam. They would steal your money by asking you to deposit with their unregulated broker with a minimum of $250 to start trading. Real autotrading softwares also require you deposit to a broker which is regulated, from which it would start placing actual profitably trades from you, they don’t hide the brokers they are compatible with so you can do a check up on it, but scam softwares use shady brokers and in the real sense places no winning trades. The sole aim is to get your money through their unregulated brokers and leave you weeping. Use only the softwares our professional traders recommend.

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