Review: MyPods Deceit Exposed- Another Scam?

Mypods Review: is a genuine store to buy headphones? or is Mypods scam? otherwise known as Mypods Store is offering huge discounts on its headphones. Is  a fraudulent store? or is it legit? Should you comfortably dive into this E-commerce store?

These and many more are questions we intend to answer with our review of this online store. As a result number of the increase in fraudulent stores, it is important to check online reviews before ordering for any item.

What Is Mypods? is an e-commerce store that is selling fancy colorful pods earphones for affordable prices.

When we checked the claims made by this website they seem too good to be true. We couldn’t help but ask the same questions you’re probably asking -is genuine?’  Should I shop from this online store?

This led to our review of this online store.

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Mypods Contact Details – How To Reach This Store

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What You Should Know Before Shopping From claims to sell top quality products at very affordable rates on their online store, but should you trust them? The affordability of their products could be a bait to attract unsuspecting buyers.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the rate of fraudulent online stores keep rising each day. Unsuspecting shoppers keep falling prey to seemingly ‘genuine’ stores that turned out to be fraud in the end. Could this store be among?  Below, we have listed the pros and cons of

Pros Of Buying From

  1. Appropriately Secured- Mypod store provides an SSL certificate on their website. With this measures, your credit card details is safe from outside hackers to an extent..
  2.  Standard Website- provides a friendly user interface, with colors that catches the eyes.

Negative Sides Of

Lacks Transparency

Though this store would want you to believe otherwise, the truth however is that it lacks transparency. Apart from their mail address which itself is unprofessional, they don’t provide a phone number or an address with which they can be reached with. This should be a cause of alarm for you. Why would the people behind this store go an extra mile like this to be anonymous? What if the deal goes wrong from their end?

Unprofessional Store

It is true that they have a standard website, apart from the homepage, there is nothing left on the website. No Contact Us page, About Us page, Shipping Policy or even Return Policy page. We find this act very troubling. There are no legal notice on this site. No way for us to know how it operates and where it operates from. They also do not provide a link to their social media pages.

The question you should ask yourself is this ‘Is worth all these troubles?’

Unavailable Mail

The mail address provided by this store is not reachable. Frustrated shoppers who are yet to receive their orders can not reach out to the people behind this store.

Unbelievable Discount

This store is selling its goods for ridiculous price. You might probably be thinking of giving this store a try. But is it worth your money? The low price could be a a bait to make you lower your guard. Just like the saying ‘Too good to be true”, this might be likewise with this store.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Headphones From

Notwithstanding the fact that this Mypods Ipods is recommended by Reality TV Influencers, the truth about it all is that reality tv pseudo-influencers are increasingly specializing in organized gang scam. They are also often based outside of France, in order to escape French law and what they incur in the penal code.

From our findings, Your “mypods” are a Chinese junk that you would have bought less than 10 euros on Aliexpress. So even if one day, by the grace of God, you receive them, the simple fact of having paid  more than 10 times the price of Aliexpress makes you victims of scams, and your stars of pups scammers

Is a Trustworthy Online Store?

We are very skeptical about this online store as it seems not to be a genuine place to shop. A lot of people who ordered for the Ipods are yet to receive them after many weeks.

If you have been scammed by this online store, we advise you to file a complaint with your bank immediately, and also change your credit card if possible.


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