Review: Deceit Exposed- Why You Shouldn’t Shop Here!

Numberal Review: is Numberal Club a legit store to buy gadgets and accessories? Do you run the risk of not receiving your order? Is your credit card  at risk with this store? These and many more are questions we intend to answer with our review of this store.

With online scams increasing due to the COVID-19, We have taken the responsibility of saving you the stress and pains of fraudulent websites and e-commerce. We hope our review of Numberal Online store meets you well, and on time.

What Is Should You Shop Here?

Numberal is an e-commerce store that is selling generators, mechanic tools, e.t.c for affordable prices. This store also offers free shipping and returns for all orders. Could this be real?

When we checked the claims made by this website they seem too good to be true. We couldn’t help but ask the same questions you’re probably asking -is legit?’  Is Numberal  Safe?


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Numberal Contact Details – How To Reach This Store

  • Website-
  • Address- 1527fruitland  dr,BELLINGHAM,WA,98226
  • Number- +1 8456360200

NOTE: store claims it has been operating since 2019. But from our data, we found out that numberal was registered on 26th of March 2020.

What You Should Know Before Shopping From

Numberal claims to sell top quality products at very affordable rates on their online store, but should you trust them? As we have observed from most fraudulent stores, the affordability of their products could be a bait to attract unsuspecting buyers.  Below, we have listed the pros and cons of this online store.

Pros Of Buying From

  1. Appropriately Secured-Numberal Store provides an SSL certificate on their website. With this measures, your credit card details is safe from outside hackers to an extent..
  2.  Provides a Tracking provides a way for you to track your orders, so you don’t have to do it with third party App.

Cons Of Disturbing Things Found!

Lacks Transparency

Though this store would want you to believe otherwise, the truth however is that it lacks transparency. On their Contact Us page, they provide the following address ‘1527fruitland  dr,BELLINGHAM,WA,98226‘. When we ran a background check, we realized this address has been used by countless online stores that turned out to be fake stores in the end.

On further investigation, we realized that Numberal store shares a lot of features with these scam stores. Features like the address, phone number, website design, About us page and products.

Unbelievable Discount

This store is selling its goods for ridiculous price. You might probably be thinking of giving this store a try. But is it worth your money? The low price could be a a bait to make you lower your guard. Just like the saying ‘Too good to be true”, this might be likewise with this store.

Return Policy

This store’s return policy is nothing to write home about. Before ordering for that fancy jewelry, first take a look at the return policy page. You would see the words ”You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund

It is almost impossible to return your package. As FTC fee could even equal the price of the goods you paid for. Wouldn’t it be penny wise, pound foolish?

 Zero Online Presence

One of the major problems we have with this online store is that they don’t provide links to their social media pages. We always advise our readers to shop from stores where there is visibility. That way, you can trace the progress of the store. lacks transparency. There is no way for us to know if it is a reliable store to shop from as they don’t provide social media buttons nor a Review section for customers who have bought their goods. Review- Is It Scam or Not?

As of April 2020, Numberal Online store is not a genuine place to shop. Till the owners of this store address the issues we raised above, we can not recommend this store to anyone.



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