Pair Trade Finder Pro Review: Scam or Legit Pair Trading Software?

Pairtrade Finder Review:  Pairtrade Finder™ is the industry-leading pair-trading software for online traders, having sold over 2,000 Lifetime Licenses worldwide and has been downloaded more than 6,000 times. Pairtradepro is a software that has seen many updates with the passing years and long ago inputted pairs trading cointegration. Pair Trade Finder is a global platform that was created  more than eight years by a team of developers and finance professionals formerly with Morgan Stanley, Salomon Brothers Inc and GE Capital. Thousands of people from over 30 countries use the platform to help out-perform the markets with less risk.


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Why You Should Choose Pair Finder Pro

It is true that the internet is rife with paitradefinderpro reviews, but our review of Pairtradepro serves as an eyeopener to the ins and outs of There is no doubt that Pair Trade Finder is among the pair trading software. Firstly, PairTrade Finder PRO™, automatically integrates with Interactive Brokers and IQFeed, allowing you to get real-time market data and semi-autotrade (“GreyBox”) on 126 exchanges in 26 countries, including stocks, ETF’s, CFDs, options, futures, commodities, forex to allow you to customize and back-test your own pair trading system. Other reasons why we choose Pair Trade Finder Pro is;

  • PairTrade Finder PRO offer guides, tutorials and customer support
  • A traceable history- Pair Trade Finder was first created over eight years old so they have gained a name in the market sphere.

How Does Pairtrade Finder Pro Work

PairTradeFinder is a software designed to help traders identify candidate stocks for pair trading, in which traders place a bullish bet on an underperforming stock and short an overperforming stock in the same sector. Given that pair trading is a relatively niche trading strategy, this is one of the few tools available to pair traders.The software does a relatively good job of identifying correlated stock pairs through time, and the backtesting features allow traders to quickly see how trading on any given pair would have played out in recent history..


  • Quickly and automatically identifies correlated stocks
  • Backtesting of paired stocks up to three years
  • Excel-like interface is intuitive and provides easy sorting and grouping
  • Some visual cues to identify strongly correlated or highly profitable stock pairs
  • Quick comparison charts to track performance of correlated stocks through time


  • Antiquated interface that is heavily reliant on tabular data displays
  • Much of the data cannot be easily exported to Excel


We are convinced with Pair Trade Finder Pro. We assure you that you wouldn’t have any reasons to complain about pairtradepro. PairTradeFinder is best for pair traders, but more importantly it is best for relatively new pair traders

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