ONLINE STORES [2021] Scam Store Review; also known as Pbsrni, is a fake online store. This review explains how we came to know of the shenanigans of this e-commerce store.

It is no news that the rate of online fraudulent activity is constantly on the rise.  This why we deemed it necessary to look through various questionable websites to help you know which is real and which is not.

Read this Pbsrni review carefully before making any purchase from

About is an online store that supposedly sells various products, ranging from drawers to camping equipment, fitness equipment, etc. and at discounted prices. The website has a poor user interface, with occasional unrelated photos, repeated content and non-uniform text. However, they claim to use PayPal; a transparent payment gateway, for completing customer transactions.

The online store can be accessed via the link; Contact Info

Company address: Nil

Customer care E-mail:

Customer care phone number: Nil

Social media handles: Nil Red Flags Found!

Here are some things we found (or couldn’t find) on


When you’re about to shop with an online store, the first thing you should probably validate is customer reviews. Every legit e-commerce store has a customer review section for each product. however, has no reviews on their site, or on any social media platforms at all. This implies that there are no confirmed deliveries made by this store. The absence of customer reviews is a red flag!

Refund Policy: claims to have a 14-day return policy. Hence, you have 14 days after you receive your item, to determine whether or not you’re satisfied and return it.

However, there is no return address provided at all for the return. The Refund Policy section does however, direct customers to contact the service email to obtain a return address. Complaints on third party sites though, suggest such emails are never replied. This is a huge scam move and does not sit well with us. RED FLAG!


Most of the content in failed the plagiarism test. From product description and product images to even terms of service, and return policy. It’s never a good sign when stores cannot produce their own write-ups and policies. It is a sure red flag.

Contact Information:

Finally, the contact information provided by is almost nothing. They do not provide a valid contact address, or any address for that matter. Even the email address provided is usually of little help when you get into service issues, if third party site reviews are to be believed.

They’re not transparent enough to share their true contact information, hence you can’t trust them with your money.

Verdict: Is Legit?

No, it is not. Besides the fact that the website is poorly designed and structured, is an anonymous website; they have no owner or trackable info. The site is filled with plagiarized content and has no customer reviews. They also fail to provide credible contact information. Transparency is a major test for e-commerce stores, and they do not meet the standards. Hence, we cannot ignore the flaw.

This store has all the makings of a scam; therefore, you would be safer staying away from them.

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