ONLINE STORES Review: Is Playsetskids Scam? See Complaints!

Playsetskids Com Review- Should you buy the cheap inflatable water slide?

Playsetskids located at is selling playsets, ground pools and trampoline for cheap prices. Should you trust this online store?  Because we are concerned about your financial safety, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing websites, products and stores. We hope our review of Playsetskids Online Store serves as an eyeopener, and help you make the proper decision.

What Is Is It Legit?

Playsetskids is an online store that is selling above ground pools, airbeds, air furniture, inflatable slide, playsets, and trampoline for affordable prices. This store claims to offer free shipping on all orders and 10% off 1st order. However, we are not comfortable with this online store.

Playsetskids Website provides the following contact information-

  • Number-

Playsetskids Method Of Payment- Paypal

Playsetskids Homepage Image


NOTE- Are you planning to shop from We advise you not to do so yet, see the Redflags of below. Reviews: Disturbing Things Found!

Fake Email Address

The email address provided by are not just unprofessional, but also fake. They have been used by other online stores that turned out to be scam in the end.

Fake Social Media Buttons

On there are social media buttons for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, they are not clickable. They’re just for fancy. We find this act suspicious. Why are they playing with our intelligence?

Unbelievable Prices

playsetkids store is offering its goods for cheap prices coupled with free shipping. This alone should set off a warning alarm to you. Why would they be selling their goods for half its price and also offering shipping?

How Does Store Work

  • When you make your order they might debit you twice or thrice. And when you contact the Customer care, they wouldn’t reply your mail.
  • It takes weeks, sometimes months before your order arrives.
  • What you ordered for is not what you get. They might send you a mug or a scarf. That way, they would show Paypal a proof of delivery and you wouldn’t be able to get a refund.


Verdict- is an Untrustworthy online store

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed By

There is no need to begin panicking if you have already ordered from playsetkids before reading this review. All hopes are not yet lost, as you  can still get your money back. This is how to get your money back from Store-

  • Take a screenshot of your purchase order page. This would serve as an evidence for you when filing for a complain with your payment provider.
  •  if you paid with your credit card then call your bank for a chargeback to your card i.e. a refund.
  • If you paid through Paypal, you can file a report by going to the Resolution centre and clicking ‘Report a problem’
  • You can also join the Paypal Community to know those who have been scammed by the store too.




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1 year ago

Thankfully for me, my credit card company notified me of the fraud. They would only take Mastercard and I am thankful because I am not out any money, card is cancelled before charges were accepted. This is for NOT

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