Pointzero-trading.com Review: Is Point Zero Trading Legit?

Point Zero Trading Review: this is the name of a forex indicator vendor that develops forex software. Is pointzero-trading.com a scam or a legit vendor?


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What Are Forex Signals or Indicators?

Most Forex indicators are created for the purpose of giving traders trading signals that are accurate as well as consistent. With a legit indicator system, traders can afford to spend less time monitoring the market.

Traders are provided with what can be termed expert advice from these robots, this is why they are called Expert Advisors (EAs). EAs are sold by indicator vendors.

Point Zero Trading is a forex EA vendor that majorly designs robots and software for MetaTrader trading platform traders. Over the years, this group have created about 13 Expert Advisors and 27 Forex Indicators.

Arthur Lopez is the name of the founder, he is a programmer in the company, Point Zero Trading or PZ Trading Ltd. They seem to be based in Hong Kong from the information we gathered from the page. The website has a professional touch and is not overly patronizing as many vendors are in a bid to convince clients.

How Point Zero Trading Works

There are many products up on the page and each have a link to more detailed explanation of how they work. We would be unable to cover all, so we are to look at some EAs and Indicators and what they claim to do.

Hedging EA: this is an automated strategy that turns losing trades into winners by using hedging strategy. It works on both MT4 and MT5.

Triangular Arbitrage: this uses a strategy that places risk-free trades in three related forex pairs to exploit temporary market inefficiencies. It works on both MT4 and MT5.

Latency Arbitrage: a high-frequency trading system that allows traders to profit from pricing inefficiencies between two brokers. It works on only MT4.

Harmonacci Patterns: it detects Fibonacci price patterns and offers a multi-symbol and multi-timeframe scanner. Works on MT4 and MT5.

Trend Trading: it is designed to profit from trends, pullbacks, inside bar breakouts and possible corrections. Works on both MT4 and MT5.

Candlestick Patterns: an indicator that can recognize more than 30 Japanese candlestick patterns on charts. Compatible on MT4 and MT5.

The page also offers 8 reasons that makes them different from other vendors. These are: quality, security, uniqueness, flexibility, no hype or false promises, free trading tools, free updates, and support.

Pricing Structure for Point Zero Trading

The prices of Indicators available for sale on the PZ Trading page range from $99 to $399. Expert Advisors come with a price range of $149 to $499.

Clients Feedback

The vendor has a pretty good rating of 4.5/5 stars on FPA. It is a commendable achievement but the vendor is found lacking in terms of results. They are mostly from backtests. We have come to rust more in results published on third party websites where they can be confirmed.

Point Zero Trading has some accounts on Myfxbook but most are not verified and many have been stopped.


To contact the vendor, clients are to send an email to: help@pointzero-trading.com


The vendor has done a good job in providing detailed information on strategies and the amount of products offered is impressive. Pricing may seem high for some products but there are affordable ones. The major fault of Point Zero Trading is in the lack of verified results.



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