Public Millionaire App Scam Review: Does Public Millionaire work?

Turn to a millionaire without doing nothing. Sounds great, who doesn’t want to be a millionaire afterall, the sad reality is that mot of this system promising the public millions are a total waste of time, energy and money. They are actually losing piece of shits. The Public Millionaire App Software is yet another binary scam with bogus claims and deep lies. Read our Public millionaire App review and see why this system is not to be trusted.

Blacklisted website:

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Public Millionaire APP Review

Pat Bruce as he calls himself is the fictitious name of the man behind the public millionaire software, he is a well known scammer who has presented some scam softwares in the past. In 2006 he presented a scam software 300 Millionaire, there he called himself Michael Bennet, he keeps changing names in each of his scam softwares. In the sale pitch of Public Millionaire App, he claims to have profited over $1 million, with a start up investment of only $250, the results are all faked and only gullible people will believe his lies.


Fake Publicity and Badges

On the website he quoted that his software has been seen on CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, USA Today, Fox Business. These are lies are just to make you believe that the software is legit and enjoys good media coverage. However, we searched all these websites and found no mention of Public Millionaire App. You can go ahead and do the search, you will find out that no result would be displayed. These scam artist put up badges and fake media publicity that if you are not investigative you would fall for them. The badges and awards as well are all fake and non-existent.

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False Testimonials

The testimonials in the sales pitch of people claiming to have raked in millions of dollar through the Public Millionaire App are all stage-managed. The people you see there are all scam actors hired from to give false testimonials. They have never used the software, this is one of the red flags of scams, they hire actors to claim their software has been a money-spinner to get more innocent people to steal from. We also saw some written testimonials on the website, a brief search showed that the images were stolen from the internet and the claims are not verifiable.


Public Millionaire App is a SCAM!!! We advice our readersand traders to stay way from Public Millionaire Software. 

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