You may have come across Qbit megaprofits system. Is Qbits megaprofit system App Scam or Legit? Jeremy Hart who calls himself the CEO of this software narrates that he was fed up struglling to make ends meet and he is a guru from MIT so he created this binary autotrading sofware that always win, he made several claims of how he has made huge amount of dollars together with users of this software. He might just be a paid actor hiding under a name just as we have seen in many other scams.

jeremy hart qbits megaprofit scam


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Is Qbits Megaprofits System a Scam? The Truth Unveiled

Figures not Adding Up: 

Aqbits megaprofits evidence

Bqbits-bank fake

We are going to analyze both images A and B gotten from the video on the website. He said he made in one month $67,897 and $58,285.23 as seen on the images A and B above. Now take a closer look at the dates as i circled them. In A, the date of that trade is 02-Dec-2014 while in B, the date is 15-August-2015. But he said he made both profits in one month, as you can see now both dates did not fall even in the same year, so you see why this megaprofit system is a scam and the images of the money on them are all photoshopped but unlucky for him, we caught him because they all don’t add up. As a matter of fact when we checked through the Who.is tool and we found out that Qbitsmegaprofits.com  was created on November 2015, you can see that those above year figures even existed before the creation of the software. How is that possible? Because it is SCAM.

Pressure Sales Tactic: You would hear him saying you should sign up because there is only 30 spots remaining. This is a pressure tactic system he is using to make you register. Even if you go back next month to that website you would still here that only 30 spots remaining, he is using that to deceive you because there are countless number of spots for this system to take in.

Fake Algorithm: 


Working 3,600 times faster than a supercomputer is a mere trash, it is a laughable claim.


Conclusion: Qbits Megaprofits is a SCAM, don’t loose your $250 or more signing up for a scam you would regret.

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