QuiloxTrade Review: All You Should Know About Quiloxtrade.com

Quiloxtrade.com Review: How much do you know  about Quilox Trade? Read our review to see the results of an investigation our experts carried out. QuiloxTrade is a forex broker that offers forex, cfd and crypto trading.

According to QuiloxTrade homepage, they claim to be a regulated and reliable forex broker, dedicated to providing its clients with tailor made trading solutions,regardless of prior knowledge or experience. With easy to navigate interface and over 250 tools available for trading.

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These are the questions you should ask: How much of what QuiloxTrade claims to offer is true and how much is false? Is quiloxtrade.com safe or is it simply a scam? Is quiloxtrade.com licensed? How verifiable are their background information?

Based on user experiences and our investigation, this review will tell you all you need to know about quiloxtrade.com.

quiloxtrade review


Quiloxtrade.com is the website of a forex brokerage that provides a web-based terminal. It is reported to be regulated by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission. However, in the course of our investigation, we found this information to be false.

On discovering this, we decided to dig up background information about the owners of this brokerage. Guess what? We found out that QuiloxTrade is not in any company register.

This goes to say that, quiloxtrade.com is an anonymous website. We were unable to find its location or anything that could be of use in contacting them.

Does that ring a bell somewhere? Probably an alarm bell? This information is something potential traders should be wary about.

What QuiloxTrade Say They Offer

According to the platform, they claim to provide fast and efficient deposit and withdrawals. They also claim to offer excellent customer care services. Nothing much else was mentioned in the website.


QuiloxTrade Trading Software

This brokerage does not provide its users with demo accounts. That is another alarm bell ringing. As a result, not there in no information on QuiloxTrade trading conditions. In its website, there is no mention of the provision of MetaTrader 4 Platform. Currently, MetaTrader 4 is the best trading platform. So, we have no choice but to believe that it does not offer one.

QuiloxTrade Withdrawal and Deposit Methods

According to quiloxtrade.com, the payment options provided for traders are Western Union, Skrill, Paypal and Perfect Money. Nothing else. The minimum deposit amount required to trade in QuiloxTrade is $100. Investigation leads us to believe that its minimum withdrawal amount is $1,000. Now, that is way too much!

Professionally, we advise potential traders to only invest the required minimum deposit. This is to avoid a huge loss. Another information that bothers us is that, no user has been able to withdraw from QuiloxTrade platform.

Is QuiloxTrade a Licensed Broker?

Remember we told you that the information regarding QuiloxTrade registration is false? Well, there is more. It turns out that British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission also issued a public statement in this regard. We discovered that QuiloxTrade did not display its license number not its registration certificate(s).

It is obvious that QuiloxTrade lacks transparency. This is another reason why potential traders should be wary.


As a result of all our findings and the very fact that QuiloxTrade does not provide adequate information to prove otherwise, We rate it very low. We also advise potential traders against investing through this platform.




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  • Quilox is unlicensed
  • Background information is both inadequate and false
  • No user has been able to withdraw
  • No transparency

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