Ruby Expert Advisor Review

Ruby Expert Advisor proposes itself as a self-regulating trading solution that allows traders to survey the currency market in several time zones.

The EA is relatively new and was developed in 2008 although the developers are not mentioned.

And it is developed to assist amateur and professional traders in earning huge profits in the Forex market from anywhere in the world.

According to the committee behind Ruby Forex EA, the platform does not require any trading knowledge as it claims it offers a satisfying trading tool for traders at all trading levels.

On the Ruby EA sales page, it promises to be traders profitable investment decisions, full automation, user-friendliness, low minimum deposit, smart money management and many more.

These lots of guarantees might entice potential clients but it’s always best to read reviews before trading.

An instance is that this EA’s website is well designed, has all the relevant features and points highlighted.

But then, they do not mention who the creators are.
Also in one section, the website indicates that the software became active from 2018.
But on a farther scrutinization, we found that the domain of the website was registered in 2019.

ruby ea review

These confusions and anomalies can put up suspicions and doubts in the minds of future clients.
And of course, this is a red flag.

We advise that they maintain transparency at all times since they’re a brand new Forex robot creator in the market place.


How Ruby EA Works

Ruby Forex EA doesn’t give any detailed data about the trading techniques it operates with.

They only accentuated that they do not make use of scalping or hedging techniques in the long-term.

This EA also pointed out that Ruby Forex EA does not oblige a high minimum deposit since $100 is enough to begin trading with.

It is confusing how and why the information was highlighted without provisions of further features on the strategy they use. And this only means that they exhibiting a very low level of clarity.



Ruby EA Pricing Structure

Ruby EA offers 3 editions of the EA available:

The basic package comes with 2 licenses for 12 months, priced at $299.
The advanced package comes with 3 licenses for 18 months and is priced at $399.
The ultimate package comes with 4 licenses for 24 months and is priced at $499.

You all concur with us that Ruby Expert advisor is expensive to acquire and maintain.
The rates are discouraging, plus clients will incur more expenditures when renewing their licenses.

Forex robots with lifetime licenses are preferable to the ones that make traders spend on licenses for renewals.

This EA uses the following currency pairs:



Client Feedback

Unfortunately, the client feedbacks we found were mostly negative.
The customers were angry and wished they hadn’t traded with Ruby EA even after seeing the red flags.



At the moment, no support system is provided by this EA.



Ruby Expert advisor appears to be a professional trading robot – with the website professionally developed, the highlighted features, the enticing offers, website. Plus their provision of their back-tests and live trading statistics proves their legitimacy.

But it has huge drawbacks as some of the vital information clients would need to be assured their money is safe, were not provided.

We would advise they update their strategy in use right now and as well update the details of their company and trading background.

We can’t endorse this EA to our readers until they have filled in the holes on their websites.

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