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Sapphire M Review – Binary Oil Trading Scam Software Exposed

Sapphire M software is a binary automated trading software, which is focused on oil trading. But guess what? The Sapphire M App is a dubious scam. Hardly a day goes by without this scammers coming up with several means to dupe people. Everyone needs an extra income and people have turn to online tradings like binary options to give them that desired financial freedom they crave, scammers use this means to create get-rich-quick schemes that looks attractive, but with dangers lurking in it to the unsuspecting traders.

sapphire m software

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Sapphire M Review…..Scam Exposed

The alleged people behind this software as they call themselves are Lisa a  crude oil trader and Jason a software developer.sapphire m ownersThese people are non-existent they are fictitious names with stolen innocent image of a couple from the internet – picture evidence below, the real scammers behind the Sapphire M software are hiding under the hood, they just created fictitious names and gave them good pedigrees to make you feel the software is owned by professionals, while in the true essence they are rogues. To further rope you in, they claim that users of this software have are earning $7,450 a week and the software would be available for free to the first 1,000 customers. Sounds plausible right? Don’t be deceived, these are all hoax, you are going to lose your money if you use this software

sapphire m

The Demo Trap

The Sapphire M software offers a $500 demo account, this is not real money. Demo accounts are used to see how a software works. These scammers state that if your demo balance drops to zero, they will pay you as this has never happened. This a trap to let you in to the system, the truth is that their demo account never places real trades, it is designed to always win because its not on real trades, the wins on the demo are fake, its a bait, so when you see the wins you will now deposit real money, that is how you would be left devastated because you would be kissing that money bye. This scammers are going to steal that money.

False Testimonials

One of the tactics these scam softwares uses is to hire actors most especially from the online marketplace, to give false testimonials of how they have been raking in money with the software. Don’t beleive the words you hear from them, they are just acting out a script, they have never tried out the software in reality. They are all fakes..sapphire m paid actors


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