Simple BTC Bot Review: Scam Bitcoin Trading Software Exposed!

Simple BTC Bot Review: It seems there is no stopping to the way scams are been rolled out each day in the cryptocurrency industry. SimpleBTCBot, another bitcoin automated trading software, has joined the huge scams we warn traders against, this Simple BTCBot review bares it all. There is more than meets the eyes with this software. We keep getting complaints of ways traders has been left devastated. Most times newbies are the most targeted. A trader should use a system that accelerates his learning curve. Trading cryptocurrencies could be fun and profitable, only with the right system and tools.

simplebtcbot review

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It is obvious the Simple BTC Bot software are operating from a low budget website. The claims of this bot are untrue. It states that the algorithm it uses are  the RSI, MACD, EMA and Volume. That may sound amazing, but its far from it, they are empty statements. There are lots of complaints about how it has been on a losing trend. This bot is designed to lose your money. To trade bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies profitably, you need the right strategies and tools to help you. We advice against system that turns out to be outright waste of time, money and resources. The Simple BTC Bot automated software is out there to diminish your investment. Yea there are lots of scams, that’s why you have to tread with caution. Right tools and softwares still exists however, and we encourage you to use them. Beware of this bot and opt for profitable autotrading  softwares.

Review Verdict: is a SCAM

We have blacklisted this trading software and thereby don’t recommend it.

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With the cryptocurrency rave, lots of people have made money trading them but quite unfortunately numerous scams have sprang up. Many investors especially newbies have lost a fortune to these scams that promises lots of profit, and later eventually turn out to rip them off. We always advice you use credible and legitimate softwares to help you trade.

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