Subway Rewards- scam or legit Subway gift cards on Facebook for everyone?

The Subway Rewards page on Facebook that promises to give everyone  a subway gift card is a scam. This review exposes reasons why the post on Facebook about Subway giving away free 25$ gift cards is not legit.

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Is Subway giving away 25$ gift card on Facebook?

The answer to the question is NO.

One thing you should know is this;  Subway Rewards and pages like this are scam!

On the official website of Subway there is mention of the ongoing gift card give away. Furthermore, if you go to the website to get the gift card where it says “Everyone Gets a Subway Gift-Card”.

You would be tricked into submitting your personal data. these scammers might even try to get your credit or debit cards info.

So never click on such links! It’s a phishing fraud!

What To Do When You Come Across Give Aways on Social Media

If you have received any message or stumbled across any post that claims to be giving away one thing or the other, you should be on the alert. Just like we mentioned earlier, give aways like this are mostly scams. So what you should always do is check for reviews online. If you don’t find any, you can check the official page of the brand that is giving away gift items.

Be wary! Never click links that you are not sure. Do not reply messages from unknown number. Be alert.

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