Super EZ Forex Review: Is Legit Or Scam?

Super EZ Forex Review: this seems like a Forex training product and like a signal service indicator as well. Is legit or is it another scam out to steal your money?

Internet fraudsters abound every day and traders have to be careful. Super EZ Forex promises clients from the onset that it is not about to scam them. It opens its sales pitch by denouncing con artists using “rented items” to show fake results.

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superezforex review

The vendor, who does not reveal his identity, then claims that with this product, anyone can learn how to trade on forex within 20 minutes.

The website design has a section dedicated to explaining what Forex is and how easy it is to make money from it. In fact, the market is likened to an ATM where traders can gain access to with “the right tools and mentor”.

Besides the lack of information on the creator, there is no address or country name mentioned. A testimony by a certain “Edward B.” mentions a person named Pat. This may or may not be the name of the vendor.

It is disheartening that Super EZ Forex overlooks the important facet of the sales page.

How Super EZ Forex Works

This like most of the important information looked for by any trader is lacking. The only thing we find on the page is that Super EZ Forex is a product of four years’ development. It looks like a system with a simple design because the creator mentions that it was initially to help his wife and children.

Clients are told that acquiring this system will give them the following:

Access to members only training and download center

Free access to live trade room sessions

Free updates

The Triple Arrow Trading System

Super EZ Forex has a section where the creator of provides answers to frequently asked questions.

For now, there is only one option of a package available for the product and this costs $323.67. options for buying this via PayPal or Bitcoin is allowed.

Nothing more can be found on the working principles and mechanisms of this system. It will be really hard to sell something to someone who does not understand it. The vendor is advised to do better.

Clients Feedback on Super EZ Forex

On the page, Super EZ Forex publishes three testimonials from people who seem like close friends. Since this is a product made last year in 2018, the clients reviews are expected to be a bit more. This may be explained as it not being yet popular or finding it difficult to compete in the market.

Trading results is another aspect where this product could have been convincing. But besides the ones published on the page via images, there is no way to verify these results as well.

Super EZ Forex vendor is advised to open trading accounts with verified website like Myfxbook and put up results there.


This is another place where this indicator provider falls short. There is no means of reaching the vendor with questions. The only form of interaction is via the “Q and A” section which is really not exhaustive.


Though showing promise with its mention of simplicity and needing only “twenty minutes”, the lack of information turns one away from Super EZ Forex.

Results and testimonials that cannot be verified do nothing but add doubt about this product. Traders will not be inclined to try this out.

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3 years ago

It is apparent that you never watched a single video that we have done on YouTube. Please visit our YouTube channel where we typically provide live videos every week and email us with any questions you may have.

2 years ago
Reply to  Pat

Then why are you blocking viewers on YouTube from posting comments? Are you afraid that your scam will be exposed to the public?

Scam buster
Scam buster
2 years ago
Reply to  Pat

he is a complete scam don’t give him a dime of your money

2 years ago
Reply to  Pat

It is apparent that you’re also a lying pos. Who masks himself as a godly person that cares when in reality that’s just your marketing technique to take advantage of people. You’re absolutely a disgusting individual! People stay away from superez, quite possible one of the worst forex systems groups I’ve ever run across. Toxic AF!!

2 years ago

I am a student, was kicked out the group for asking for verified results. Sad really. Anyone that offers refferal bonus to join their group is starting an MLM scheme

2 years ago

Indicator repaints and all promises lost

2 years ago

Stay away !!!!! Scam

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