Sure Cash App Review: beware of this scam

surecash appSure Cash App Review. Details inside. Beware of this filthy scam. Binary options trading could be a nightmare when you use softwares like Sure Cash App because one thing is sure, your money would be lost. This software is built on lies and deceit which we would expose in this review. They try to lock you in with their false guarantee that you would be making a minimum of $10,000 every month. Seriously, this scam was well crafted that if you are not careful you may fall for it. We don’t want you to be in regrets after you have been scammed by this software, that’ts why you are lucky to have come across this review before investing.

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Why the Sure Cash App is a scam….Evidence!!!

False Testimonials: When you watch the sales video of the sure cash app on their website(, you would see people claiming how they have made huge amount of money thanks to SureCashApp. This claims are false as the people giving those testimonials are hired actors they never used the app to make money. Most of them are hired from an online marketplace where you can hire services for as low as $5. We have proof of this. In the video you see one Matt Conrad who claims to have made $1,007,345.5 within 3 years using this app. This claim is totally false. He was hired to tell those lies, below you would see where he renders his services on for providing any video testimonial for the price of $5.

sure cash app fiverr

So don’t be fooled all those claims you see on the sales video are purely fabricated to scam you.

Conclusion: Sure Cash App is a sure way to lose your money, it is not free because after you sign-up they will direct you to their broker were you would be requested to deposited some amount of money from $250 Upwards, when you do that just be sure you have lost that money because that’s exactly how the scam works.

If you are looking for a software without scams,then don’t lose hope there are still reputable and legit autotrading softwares that works ,and we are glad to recommend you Join BinaryOptionAutotrading. The sign-up is free and there are synced with legit brokers


You can as well read our BinaryOptionAutotrading review, the get more clarification. If you have any questions and need further assistance then send us a mail to

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