Terabit Trading Software a pathetic scam

Make over $850 per hour and $20,000 each day for life. How does that sound? The scam terabit trading software is a well-orchestrated trash with laughable loopholes to just nail it.

CEO: Richard Heffner

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Website: www.terabittrader.com

The man behind Terabit trading app, Richard Heffner starts of his campaign by saying he had made 27 random people millionaires in the last 3 months, makes you want to sign up. If you have been considering signing up for the terabit trading software, please don’t. In this article we would give you reasons why the terabit trading app is another pathetic autotrading software out there in the market with the sole intent of stealing your money. When we heard about this software, we decided to probe further and investigate to find out if it is legitimate.

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Reasons to run away from Terabit Trader

  • The CEO of this so called software had also promoted some other scam autotrading softwares in the past. Now take a look at the picture below, you would discover that it is the same person promoting both safeguard trader and GPS trader which are both scam softwares. As a matter of fact he assumed the name David Heffner when presenting the Safeguard trader while he used the name Richard Heffner in Terabit Trader. When heard in each , he says that it is the only and best software that guarantees profit, now he is at it again with Terabit trader , so what where the outcome of the others, are they no longer performing? This all sounds shady. For all we care this guy may just be a paid actor just reading out the scripts of scammers hiding their faces to rip people of their money.terabit trading software fake ceo
  • He claims this software is 100% risk free and it is impossible to lose a trade: This is not true, even professional traders lose some trades, there is nothing like 100% risk free, it is not possible in binary options trading we can tell you this based on our experience of trading optionsterabit trading software lies
  • Fake testimonials and claims: The testimonials on the website are fake, in the video he tells you that he made 27 random people millionaire, if you trace back you will find out that it is the same lines he has been replicating in his past scam softwares, for Safeguard trader it was 10 random people. There are no millionaires , if they were we could have seen or heard them, infact they would even be glad promoting the software. Richard Heffner as he calls himself is just using some psychology to make you hastily sign up for this crap software. As a matter of fact he never tells you the brokers you would be assigned to, with this you cannot research about the broker to know whether they are registered or not and even to know if they are fraudulent.
  • It is not totally risk free because you would need at least $250 to fund his broker before you can start trading. The problem here is that this broker is unknown, so the chances of them stealing your money is very high.

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