The Calloway Software Review: Scam AutoTrading App Exposed!!

The Calloway Software Review: Scam or Not? The Calloway Software App is an automated trading software that trades that supposedly trades the financial market on autopilot. It promises to make you $3,025 in 24hours. Talk is cheap. How true are these claims? The forex, cfd and cryptocurrency industry is highly promising and many people have made huge fortunes from it, Notwithstanding, people have also lost money too trading. Quite unfortunately, lots of scams exists and they have been a nightmare promising potential investors of high returns which in reality, is bait to rope them in and finally defraud them.

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calloway software review

Calloway Software Scam Review

Brett Calloway is the purported owner of this software. He is just a fictitious character that doesn’t exist, most of these scammers take cover under fictitious names, as a matter of fact the picture that is supposedly him on their website is just a stock photo of someone else stolen from the internet. The Calloway App also claims a win-rate of 96%, this is actually false and highly deceptive. No automated trading software can achieve that level of accuracy due to market volatility and price fluctuations. Any software promising you that level of profitability is out-rightly a SCAM.

Pressure Tactics

When you watch the promotional video, you hear him say he is offering you the software for free as a Beta tester, that anytime soon new users would be required to pay. This is just a tactic to pressurize you into signing up without investigating further. As a matter of fact, you will be required to deposit money to trade, which is quite normal. But the problem is that this software is synced with dubious brokers. When you deposit your money, the creators of this scammy app shares the money with their unlicensed brokers. You are left with nothing, while the software places losing trades for you.

Fake Reviews

One of the great ways to convince people to try out something is positive reviews. No wonder these scammers have employed this technique. The reviews you positive reviews you see about the Calloway App are all fake and well played out. These website owners have been paid to mislead you, while they get a commission for making you sign up.

Review Verdict

The Calloway App is a SCAM

We have blacklisted

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The Calloway Software Trading App is simply a scam. We don’t advise our readers and subscribers to sign up for it. It has been specially designed by scammers to steal your hard-earned money.

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