Thewesto Review: Is Thewesto a Legit or Scam Store?

Welcome to our review. Thewesto is a scam online store. Are you looking for legit stores to shop for toys? Did that search bring you to It is important you read reviews such as this one before spending your money in a new and unfamiliar online store. We have put together this review to explain how we came to know of the frauds of this store. Read this review carefully before making any purchase from

It is no news that the rate of online fraud activity is on the increase. This why we deemed it necessary to look through various questionable websites to help you know which is real and which is not.

About is an online store that supposedly sells toys, collectibles, garden statues, etc. The website has a poor user experience; one that hardly passes as professional. We will now list some of the things we noticed about that helped strengthen our suspicion.

Red Flags on

Fake Contact Info

The address provided by is “4/4a Bloomsbury Square, London, Greater London WC1A 2RP” under the company, Vankin Limited. The said company has no affiliation whatsoever, with This piece of info is just placed there to keep you confused.

The email address;, provided by barely ever replies to anything. It is common to a lot of scam sites and is just kept there as a distraction. Now since there is also no phone number on the website, it means is an anonymous website. You should never shop from anonymous websites; it’s dangerous.

No Reviews:

Every legit online store has a section for product reviews where people who have bought from them share their opinion about the product. unfortunately, has no customer reviews. These reviews should not only serve as proof that the store does deliver on their word, it also guides future customers on how to choose. This absence of reviews therefore, leads us to doubt credibility. Thus, we have our red flag!

Return Policy: operates on a 15-days return policy, or so they say. However, this store does not provide a return address for the purpose. They instruct that customers contact them before initiating a return, but their email never replies such requests. Making your customers run in circles is never a good sign; it is peculiar to scammers. Hence we have a possible RED FLAG.

Unoriginal Content:

Most of the content in failed the plagiarism test. From product description and images to even terms of service, about us, contact info and return policy. Even a lot of their content is disorganized and largely unrelated. The refund policy even asks customers to visit the refund policy for certain questions. How disturbing!

It’s never a good sign when an e-commerce store cannot produce it’s own images or even policies. Hence, this is a sure red flag.

Verdict: Is Legit?

Judging by our observations that we stated above, is not a site to easily trust. They lack the necessary elements of a legit website and it is not safe for you to go shopping from them.

If you have similar experiences with stores like these, or even this one in particular, do tell us in the comments. If you have doubts about the article itself, use the comments as well. However, if you feel this has helped you in some way, share it with someone.

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