Travelfina Review: Should I Invest with

Travelfina Review: Should I trust this platform? Travelfina is a cryptocurrency investment platform that was launched in 2018. It is supposedly a trading platform that allows even inexperienced people to make money. This company is based in UK London and has it’s license number as  07397859.  This program allegedly  guarantees fixed hourly interest for investors regardless of market condition.


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Travelfina  Features:


How Does Travelfina Work?:

Unlike other investment platforms, Travelfina has just one plan and a lucrative affiliate program. This plan allegedly guarantees 30% profits per hour for six hours. It means that you would get 80% net profit after six hours, so theoretically 320% net per day.  All you have to do is open account and make investment by depositing as low as $1.

Travelfina Review-SCAM ALERT!:

Travelfina is a nothing but a scam. It is designed like a Ponzi scheme. There is no possible way a legitimate business can make 320% profit a day. What this means is this amount is ridiculous and unrealistic. They are simply robbing Peter to pay Paul. Another reason why we say Travelfina is a scam is that it is not a company in the real sense, it is not even registered in the UK. The registration number they provided belongs to another company that has absolutely nothing to do with Travelfina.


We advise you to stay away from Travelfina. They are not registered to operate, thus they operating illegally. Travelfina is nothing but a Ponzi scheme which will surely collapse sooner. Stay away from Travelfina

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