Photo from the accident scene at Raleigh

Truck loses control and kills a young girl during the Raleigh Christmas Parade.

The annual Christmas Parade ended in an unpleasant way at Raleigh, North Carolina on Saturday 19, November. The dancers were all filled with excitement before the sad incidence took place few minutes after the Christmas Parade began.

A truck pulling a float lost control and ran into one of the dancers from the CC & Co Dance Complex. The young girl was unable to run for safety. Sadly, she could not survive the injuries despite the efforts to rescue her.

Photo from the Raleigh accident scene. Some men trying to bring the truck to a halt.

The 20 years old driver, Landen Christopher Glass is on detention at the Wake Country detention center. According to reports, he started shouting for help when he noticed that he could no longer control the truck. Some men ran towards the vehicle trying to bring it to a halt. However, it had already caused some damages before they could control it.

Following the incidence, Christy Curtis, owner of the CC & Co. Dance Complex has expressed her shock and grief. “We are devastated”. She said in her statement. She refers to the group as a close-knit group and further stated that the group is working closely with authorities as they determine what happened and why it happened.

“Today started with such joy. The parade route was packed with smiling kids and it made my heart so happy to see. Now we are all devastated by the news of this tragic accident and praying for the victim and her family. It is heartbreaking”. Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin said in a statement after the accident.

“Our hearts go out to the family of the victim and those who witnessed this tragic incident” The police reported. “The victim’s family has asked for privacy during this very difficult time”. Investigations are on going and the Police has promised to provide additional information concerning the accident.

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