Turbine XO Software Review, Scam or Not?

Turbine XO software is a seemingly huge money making software, in this Turbine XO software review find the secrets and why it is yet another scam. After getting an invite by one of our subscribers, our subscriber asked us to professionally look into it and advice whether to go ahead. We swung into action and in this review we show you why you should just avoid the Turbine XO Software scam.  In the video we saw the CEO who kept on making bogus claims of how you could make a profit of $1,500 to $50,000 per day, he goes on to say that the software is the most advanced and powerful autotrading software which he created by gathering best binary options market analyst and the best programmers in the world. But wait a minute who is this CEO?

Website: www.turbinexo.com

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Who is the CEO of Turbine XO software

turbine xo ceo The name of the CEO is Andrew Fisher, we investigated this guy and we found out that he has nothing to do with the software, as a matter of fact he is a paid actor on Fiverr.com that gives any testimonial you want for a sum of $10, so he was paid to act like the CEO of this scam. One of the red flags you should run away from now is that the creator and developers of this huge scam are shrouded in secrecy,turbine xo fake testimonial











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Further Evidence

Watching this video you will see people giving testimonials of how they made huge money from this software. Don’t be fooled, those people never used the software and those claims are false, they are hired actors from an online marketplace called Fiverr.com. See the proof below.turbine xo fake testimonialThe others in the video also are hired actors from the same fiverr.com. These scammers did not just stop there, the written testimonials are from non-existent people, the pictures are stock images gotten from the internet.

scam turbine xo binary

Fake customers,. Mere stock photos with fictitious nameturbine xo testimonial scam

  • To also deceive and brainwash you to sign up, he tells you that the software uses the Wall Street Algorithm. There is no such thing as Wall street algorithm, it is just a mumbo jumbo. He also stated that the TurboXO started in 2015 with the mission to crack the code of making money with binary option, when we checked the website through the Who.is  tool we found out that it was registered on 2016-06-17.


Conclusion and Verdict: This software is a HUGE SCAM!!, Please traders, don’t allow yourself to be robbed.

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