Is Typing Sensei Scam or Legit? See Pros & Cons Here!

Typing Sensei is a platform that makes you earn money while you enhance your typing skill. However, it seems it is pretty difficult for one to reach the 1000 point mark as each time you get close to hitting that mark, you get the ‘Bad gateway Error’ server notification on your screen.

When we tried reaching out to the admin, they sent the following message-

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‼️‼️ NOTICE ‼️‼️

Good day to all our users,

Some people are saying that we’re having our maintenance and we’d slowly disappear and “scam” all our users. Lol. Should we stop our maintenance and let our users experience the errors? C’mon guys, we won’t be busy fixing and updating you stuff if we’d be scamming you. We could just take down our facebook page and our website immediately if we were gonna scam you.

To those who think this is a scam, feel free to leave. We have too much negativity in this world and we don’t need more. To those who believe in us, thank you. <3

By the way, stay away from COVID-19 <3

We ask for your patience. Thanks everyone!


Do you know asking your friends to join Typing Sensei allows you to increase your points while passively earning from the referrals?  Now you Know!

Have you cashed out with Typing Sensei? If Yes or No, please share your experiences with us!


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