Whatsapp Balloting Award Programme- Another Scam!

There is no such thing as Whatsapp Balloting Award Programme. If you received a message claiming you have won a lottery of 700,000USD, know it is  a scam!

Every month, thousands of these scam emails are sent out by lottery scammers to trick people and steal their personal information. Once you call or text the number provided, they would convince you that you have won the so called lottery prize.

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You have won seven hundred thousand dollars in the annual promotional program,

Send Ref No: WH2 to official ballot Email Immeidiately for claim:


Contact Email: ballot@whatsappawards.com for claim

The phone that sent me message was +62 831-0276-7508.

Received via email

Not only that, they would subsequently ask you to send money in order to receive the so-called lottery prize. However,  sending your personal information to these cyber-criminals will only help them rip you off or steal your money. Therefore, delete any message claiming you have won a lottery prize.

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